Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012-“A Change is Gonna Come” by Bernardo Melo

The Singing Machine is a company that specializes in karaoke hardware. Because of this, they have been affected by the karaoke industry roller coaster. Bernardo Melo recalls 2006 as a particularly rough time for the industry, and having to combat the different hardships that followed: retailers expecting lower prices for karaoke hardware, the perception that karaoke is a “seasonal business,” and the pirating of karaoke tracks. Melo doesn’t blame the users, however, he puts it on the industry players to adapt to the industry. “Karaoke has a unique demographic-from two until you die, people can sing.” He suggests that the karaoke industry players have to react quickly, and  could even us pirating as a marketing tool by adapting to the user.

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