Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012- “SEE – The Path to the Future: Solutions, Education, Enforcement” by Kurt Slep

Soundchoice’s Slep equates the karaoke industry and its battle with piracy to the metaphor of a broken stool-he begins, “think of a three-legged stool, we’re off the ground but not comfortable and can’t see the top of the table. A three-legged stool can go two ways: down or up. We want to grow it up”

Soundchoice has always been interested in anti-piracy, but were not always able to engage the power players before. The karaoke industry needs a new leg to stand on, because one has been dulled by piracy of Karaoke tracks. So they offered this model to “see” how to combat the issue:

S-solutions: A lot of people do get confused with intellectual property-when they buy a disc they own the media, they just own the plastic. Soundchoice license products to a Karaoke host

E-education: Formerly, karaoke tracks were running from plastic, ao it was hard to tell whether they were pirated or not while the disc was nestled in a player. Now that it is licensed and digital, it is more clear if you are using karaoke tracks without coming to Soundchoice first. In the license, Soundchoice plainly explains what is and isn’t permissible with their product.

E-nforcement  Law suits. Legal entanglements are a last resort for Soundchoice, they’ve tried to warn pirated KJ’s before with publications in trade magazines, advertisements, and letters. Karaoke is just as popular as ever, if not more so. It’s just not being properly monetized. 

When an act uses pirated music and undercuts karaoke hosts who use legitimate karaoke files, they steal from everyone in the industry.

Slep sums up his presentation with, “The new solution? The Cloud. Education for the cloud will involve the marketing from all of us.”

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