Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012- “Workingman’s Blues” by Jonathan Apostoles

Karaoke Anywhere-let’s bring Karaoke to mobile. Karaoke Anywhere was the first CDG capable player for IOS.

Karaoke enthusiasts downloaded the app when it was first launched and then were stumped as to why they couldn’t import their iTunes playlists and other mp3 files into the app. The difference is the type of file most karaoke tracks use, the CDG.

Answer? Karaoke Anywhere +Store. After addressing this feedback, a store was created for Karaoke Anywhere so that users can get their favorite karaoke tracks, and were instantly available in the app. Customers then said they wanted to record themselves and use it on platforms other than their phone. But most of all, feedback revealed that users didn’t understand why a karaoke track was $1.99 a piece.

Then came Karaoke Anywhere+Vocal FX. This update addressed the users’ top concerns, all but price. The price remained this way because of the CDG format and, as Apostoles puts it, “people who sing Karaoke probably don’t know what CDG is.”

Which gives way to Karaoke Anywhere +Streaming, which fixes the price problem.

The Karaoke Anywhere team know their consumers, “All they want to do is sing songs…they want fresh content and they want to do it without any sort of hassle.” Streaming allows users to have one flat fee, doesn’t use any of their storage space, and the karaoke playlsit never gets old.

The next steps for this app? the “Netflix” model, to get it on as many devices possible, and to offer it to Karaoke Jockeys.

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