Ten people you meet at karaoke


You know them all.

They’re present at every karaoke night, in Anytown, USA, determined to embellish your quality of life with their idea of the superior karaoke experience. As a public service, to help you readily identify the various species of Genus Karaokus, we present this by-no-means exhaustive list, in all their glory, or lack thereof.

The Diva. Dressed for a cocktail party and dripping with costume jewelry, she sings well, smells great, looks fantastic, and is well and truly aware of all three.

Performs like: a Broadway understudy being given her first big chance. Will be drinking: room-temperature mineral water. Will ask the KJ: at least three times to adjust the reverb on her microphone because it’s “too dry”. Will leave when: the crowd fills less than half the room. Favorite song: “My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion.

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Five reasons to sing during National Karaoke Week


You already knew singing karaoke was fun, but did you know it can have powerful positive effects on your life? Here’s five ways singing makes your life better

It improves your health. There are many studies that show the health benefits of singing. Not only does it release endorphins, those natural body chemicals that induce feelings of well-being, singing encourages deep breathing, a key part of relaxation techniques, and increases oxygen in the bloodstream. One study suggests it may even boost your immune system.

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Country legend George Jones takes last Grand Tour


We are saddened to hear that one of our all-time favorites, country legend George Jones, has passed away at Vanderbilt University Medical Center today, at the age of 81.

Often cited as the most-emulated voice in country music, Jones’ successes were as epic as his failures, helping cement him as one of the icons of his genre.

George Jones’ classic “The Grand Tour” from KaraokeOnVEVO

When you’re out singing karaoke tonight, lift a glass and sing a song for Ol’ Possum. If you need help finding the tunes, just drop by Karaoke Cloud, where we have more than forty by this giant who recorded music for over 50 years.

Sad day in Atlanta as popular KJ passes


photo courtesy Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Karaoke lovers in Atlanta are today mourning the passing of karaoke jockey Darrell Russell, perhaps better known to his fans and well-wishers as “Mister D”.

From the article, courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mister D’s business partner, Fredrick “Leo” Spears, said:

“He really just wanted to see people have fun. If he could have made everybody happy and taken care of everybody he met, that would have made him happy.”

Our hearts go out to Mister D’s family, friends and fans, and hope that wherever he may be, there are always great tunes, clear microphones, and a slot forever open in the rotation.

National Karaoke Week around the country

In New York

The New York Times Magazine asked the question a few weeks ago – “How good does karaoke have to be to qualify as art?” in a review of the Portland, Oregon karaoke scene. But a collection of 50 emerging artists in the NYC area have put together an art show that’s entirely based on karaoke. Like the video above, consisting entirely of nonsense syllables from popular songs, the CCTV show offers a fresh perspective on culture and art through the lens of karaoke.

In St. Louis

A karaoke jockey makes a pledge to visit a different karaoke bar in the St. Louis area for every day of National Karaoke Week. What happened was almost entirely NSFW.

Where did you say you were from?

And finally, something we’ll all be guilty of this week, and every week. One of the great things about karaoke is that the lyrics are provided. That doesn’t mean the person who scrolls them for the karaoke video always gets them right, though they try real hard. Here’s ten of the most-often-misheard lyrics, courtesy of Mental Floss. You’re welcome, Gretchen.

National Karaoke Week in Britain

Those crazy Brits. You think your obsession with karaoke is worthy of sharing with your shrink? Talk Talk (not to be confused with these guys) took to the streets of London to ask the punters what their go-to karaoke tunes were, and to share a few bars with the TV audience, in recognition of National Karaoke Week. Turns out most of them have their own karaoke machines at home.

Here in the colonies, of course, we have Karaoke Cloud and KaraokeOnVEVO to keep us happy streaming and downloading our favorite tunes. Still, it’s good to know that in the land of double-decker buses and red phone boxes, the urge to strut your musical stuff is still going strong.

Bar Stars of Santa Fe


The Santa Fe Reporter is running a front page story (well, front page of the website – some parts might be NSFW) on karaoke in the city, and it’s a humdinger.

Penned by culture-beat journalist Loren Bienvenu, the article goes much deeper than your average “Oh look, it’s National Karaoke Week – let’s do a karaoke story” fluff. Bienvenu (which, BTW, is French for “welcome” – I knew that one semester would pay off some day) delves deep into the psyches of SF’s regular karaoke crowd, and comes up with what looks to us like a fairly representative slice of America – our crossbow-shooting, meat-barbecuing, obnoxious 80’s metal tune-singing family. Flawed and beautiful.

Mad props to Loren, and to the folks in Santa Fe, keeping it real. Give us a shout if you’d like a free month of Karaoke Cloud, Loren. You’ve earned it.

Karaoke – is it time to pull the plug?

Man yanking electrical cord

Wait, what? Karaoke is more popular than ever! It’s the subject of countless social media posts, tens of thousands of YouTube videos, and is hosted by as many as 40,000 venues across the nation.

But in one sense of the term “pull the plug”, yes, it is high time. Especially if you’re tired of the same-old same-old.

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Serena Williams kicks off new charity with karaoke fundraiser


She’s been ranked #1 in women’s singles tennis six times, is the sport’s only woman to earn over $40 million in prize winnings, and has four Olympic gold medals. On the tennis court, Serena Williams is a bad-ass, but off the court, her heart is bigger than Wimbledon.

Long known for her charity work with UNICEF, for which she is a Goodwill Ambassador, Serena has helped found a new charity called Driving Force Giving Circle which celebrated its inaugural event with a karaoke kickoff fundraiser last night in New York.

“I am very proud to be a founder of Driving Force Giving Circle and feel fortunate to have the support of great friends and the community to help me kick it off with our inaugural event. I plan to use this platform to lend a megaphone to the causes that are most important to me and look forward to making a real difference.” – Serena Williams

Proceeds from the event benefited The Serena Williams Fund, Huddle Up! and other Driving Force Giving Circle initiatives.

The Williams sisters are the subject of an upcoming documentary that hits iTunes Thursday and theaters on May 10. Best of all, you get to see them sing karaoke. Here’s the trailer from the film: