kJams joins PCDJ with Karaoke Cloud Pro – who’s next?

kJams hosting software

kJams professional hosting software runs on Mac or PC.

When PCDJ announced they’d be the first professional hosting software to bake Karaoke Cloud Pro streaming right into their suite of professional hosting tools, it was a major change in the way karaoke music would make its way from studio to end-user.

Now, the second major hosting platform to include Karaoke Cloud has launched their offering. kJams, a highly-respected and popular software suite originally developed for the Apple-operating KJ (but also runs on PC) is now firmly in the Karaoke Cloud camp. What this means for the KJ who already runs kJams is that he or she can access all the salty goodness that is the full Karaoke Cloud library, directly from within the software. Subscription access is available to anyone who wants unlimited access, and no one has to depend on shaky Wi-Fi at the venue to get it (ain’t nobody got time for that).

So who do you figure will be the next software suite to announce integration with Karaoke Cloud Pro. Judging by the guest list at last year’s Karaoke Summit, it could be any of several major players. Stay tuned to this space – we expect an announcement in no more than a couple of weeks.

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