Universal Music joins the Karaoke Cloud

The hardest part of running a karaoke studio is licensing the tracks that your customers are clamoring for. “Why don’t you release The Greatest Song Ever Made And I Can’t Live Without It on karaoke?” Well, we hear that. A lot.

Fact is, karaoke reproduction requires a lot of licensing magic, so much that it comprises an entire division of DigiTrax’s business. Some songs are easy, owned 100% by a major publisher that you already have a blanket license with. And some are not.

That’s where things get tricky. There are literally thousands of smaller publishers who may own a tiny (but significant) percentage of a particular song. Hunting them down and getting their permission to release a karaoke version is often like the labors of Hercules. Actually, the licensing department thinks ol’ Herc got off easy.

Better news is that, once you have all the majors in place, you can really begin to concentrate on those smaller publishers (one of which is keeping your favorite song hostage right now). DigiTrax has just announced that it’s brought Universal Music Publishing into the Karaoke Cloud fold, which means there’s an additional 1,400 songs in the cloud right now, ready to sing, stream, and download.

If you’re keeping track, here’s the list of major publishers that DigiTrax has brought into the fold:

  • Sony/ATV
  • Warner-Chappell.
  • EMI
  • BMG
  • and of course, Universal

Now of course, the really hard work begins.

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