DigiTrax offers bulk karaoke catalog sales

BulkHere’s something you may have never seen before. There’s a huge demand among karaoke jockeys (“KJ’s”) for bulk catalog purchases – huge collections by a particular karaoke studio, all zipped up and ready for the karaoke show.

KJ’s (and their customers!) can be really particular about what songs they want, often going out of their way to procure a track by a particular karaoke studio, even when other versions of that same song are easier to obtain.

Well, DigiTrax Karaoke has licensed and secured the rights to sell major slabs of the stuff, sometimes entire catalogs released over decades by a select number of studios. Although the sticker price isn’t down-market, you can actually get each track for mere pennies, much cheaper than you’d get them purchased as individual downloads or on discs.

The catalogs they’re offering include the classic Chartbuster Karaoke label, which DigiTrax has the exclusive license to, as well as SBI Karaoke,  Sunfly Karaoke, DK Karaoke, and the specialty studio Stage Stars, which concentrates exclusively on showtunes (here come the Jets, baby!). They are the first publisher-cleared full catalog downloads ever made available in the USA. They’ve even broken the larger catalogs down into 500- and 1000-song chunks to make things easier.

While you can’t purchase the catalogs online, you can call DigiTrax to buy them and set up the file transfer. If you’re interested (or know someone who is), you can call them during business hours at (865) 312-7791.

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