PCDJ’s new player could shake up the karaoke world

KC PlayerThere’s this new thing out from the makers of PCDJ, and it’s probably going to ruffle some feathers, at least at first.

Called Karaoke Cloud Player, it includes a bunch of bells and whistles that you normally wouldn’t find on software aimed squarely at the home user. By that I mean pitch-change controls, singer rotations, and a bunch of other stuff that is typically reserved for professional show-hosting software.

Another thing that’s different about it is the instant access to the entire Karaoke Cloud catalog. That’s about 12,000 legally-licensed karaoke songs all at once – instant library, just add internet connection, even makes its own gravy.

Now, the cost of the software subscription (it’s a monthly thing, which pays for the library access as well as the software) is set at about 20 bucks, while the full-professional version of PCDJ with Karaoke Cloud library access is about ten times that much.

So what gives? Are DigiTrax and PCDJ shooting themselves in the foot with pro KJs by releasing this awesomely-featured software so cheaply?

Not really. For one thing, KC Player doesn’t include the ability for the user to directly access a library of karaoke songs they have already stored on their local system. That demographic would include every KJ, ever, throughout the history of the universe. Professional KJs spend a lot of time acquiring their unique catalogs, and they aren’t likely to use a system that won’t let them access it for shows.

What the software will do however is give the home user access to the same huge catalog of songs that a pro might have access to, all in one place, searchable and ready to play. Imagine if YouTube had all that, plus pitch-change and singer rotation. You’d flip.

So while these two companies (already known for disruptive technologies) may be making waves among the traditional KJ set for now, expect the surf to settle down after a bit. The only threat KC Player is making is to YouTube and the other illegal karaoke download and streaming sites out there.

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