The Karaoke Hall Of Fame


DigiTrax Karaoke has the new April 2013 Pop/Rock release ready for you at Karaoke Cloud, and it just happens to include “Hall Of Fame” in the style of The Script. And while we’re on the subject, we’re not too modest to say that we think DigiTrax Karaoke is definitely Hall Of Fame material.

If there were a Karaoke Hall Of Fame, this is what we think you’d find there:

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Song: (tie) “Family Tradition” & “My Way”. Two stalwart staples that are both performed at least once every karaoke night. The first has the distinction of being the most popular karaoke song that inspires Rocky Horror Picture Show-like crowd participation levels during the chorus. Getting the crowd involved is the essence of karaoke.

Singing “My Way” in the Philippines has been known to get you killed. Can you imagine living in a country where you could be shot or stabbed for choosing the wrong song to sing at karaoke night? In a show of solidarity with the six victims of so-called “karaoke rage”, we’re elevating the song they chose to sing on their last night on Earth to the Karaoke Hall Of Fame.

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Performance: Ashley Simpson. Her “live performance” on Saturday Night Live will go down as one of the worst fails in history. A “hoedown”? Really? And the walk-away was worthy of a Joe Walsh song.

Now, the lass can really sing, so she wins for greatest performance, because you couldn’t really call what she had planned singing, can you?

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Host: Mitch Miller. He was the firstest with the bestest on Sing Along With Mitch. He also gets the pity vote, because while he discovered Aretha Franklin for Mercury Records, he passed on Elvis, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles. Yowtch.

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Venue: The Shower. Okay, so you don’t have an audience to play to, unless it’s your cat, but the shower is where most of us, even those who don’t go out to karaoke venues for a lark, do our most soulful singing. The isolation brings out the most daring and experimental vocalist in all of us, and that’s the spirit we wish we could capture every time we pick up a mic for real.

Also, the acoustics can’t be beat by any venue, anywhere. If someone could figure out how to bottle that, they’d be a millionaire.

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Hardware: The Shure SM58 Microphone. While there are literally thousands of playback decks we could have gone with, karaoke is nothing without the humble vocal microphone, and Shure makes the best one out there.

All-Time Greatest Karaoke Software: Karaoke Cloud. And it’s not even close. Not only does it put the power of karaoke night in the hands of the people, it gives you instant, on-demand access to literally thousands of the greatest karaoke tracks ever, from outstanding labels like Chartbuster Karaoke, SBI, Sunfly, Stage Stars, DK Karaoke and more.

But what really kicks it over the top is that it’s completely legal, unlike those overseas shops that stuff their catalogs with MIDI renditions and totally ignore copyright laws here in the good ol’ USA. You can use it knowing that the people who wrote the great songs you love are getting paid for their awesome efforts.

All-time Greatest Karaoke Contest: Talent Quest. While other contests claim to represent “the world”, they don’t, really. Talent Quest is the national-level contest, held annually for over a decade in Laughlin, Nevada, organized and run by people who love karaoke, and love karaoke singers. They run a clean and unbiased contest, pick the best judges, have the coolest venue, and over the years have done more to promote the love of singing (and legal karaoke) than anyone else we’ve ever seen.

Bonus CategoryAll-Time Greatest Use of Karaoke in Film: (tie) My Best Friend’s Wedding & Lost In Translation. Two winners here, because we just can’t decide which we like best. Cameron Diaz is a winner because, well, Cameron Diaz. You can’t go wrong when you’re dealing with what Jeremy Clarkson described as the genetic blueprint for humans.

As for Lost In Translation, that melancholy but ultimately uplifting cinematic gem, it manages to incorporate all that’s best about karaoke – quirky, affirming, awkward, and precious. Just like real life. When Bill and Scarlett look at one another while she sings The Pretenders’ “Brass In Pocket”, you can literally see them fall in love at that moment. Classic.

Have your own nominations? Think we’re insane (you wouldn’t be the first)? Tell us why in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Karaoke Hall Of Fame

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  2. The best use of karaoke in a movie is throughout the movie in:”DUETS” Every aspiring karaoke singer should see this movie.

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