No karaoke fail for Tony Allen

When Memphis Grizzlies player Tony Allen took the mic last Tuesday at Kroc Center at his own karaoke event, it was to benefit Juvenile Intervention and Faith-Based Follow-Up in a great city known for awesome blues and even better barbecue.

But Allen has come under fire from Yahoo Sports and Bleacher Report for mangling Montell Jordan’s old-school “This Is How We Do It” (see the video above). Yahoo reported that “Allen appears to have little interest in singing accurate lyrics or carrying a tune,” while BR described it as “the sonic equivalent of hearing one’s own soul wither into rice paper.

The fallout was so bad, Allen felt obligated to explain his difficulties at Saturday night’s shootaround prior to the Grizzlies’ Round One playoff game.

I thought I knew it. I froze up. You know what it was? I’m going to tell you what it was. The words were coming off the projector too slow, Man. So I was trying to read it and trying to remember what I knew, then look at the words and it didn’t mix.

Here’s the deal, Tony: karaoke is about cutting loose and having fun. Not only did you provide that for a bunch of people at Kroc, you did it for a cause that helps young kids at risk. So, no harm, no foul. In fact, we suggest you make this an annual event.

Besides, you totally redeemed yourself on Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” later on.

BTW, you can sing “This Is How We Do It” on Karaoke Cloud. And we have 22 Michael Jackson tunes as well.

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