Bar Stars of Santa Fe


The Santa Fe Reporter is running a front page story (well, front page of the website – some parts might be NSFW) on karaoke in the city, and it’s a humdinger.

Penned by culture-beat journalist Loren Bienvenu, the article goes much deeper than your average “Oh look, it’s National Karaoke Week – let’s do a karaoke story” fluff. Bienvenu (which, BTW, is French for “welcome” – I knew that one semester would pay off some day) delves deep into the psyches of SF’s regular karaoke crowd, and comes up with what looks to us like a fairly representative slice of America – our crossbow-shooting, meat-barbecuing, obnoxious 80’s metal tune-singing family. Flawed and beautiful.

Mad props to Loren, and to the folks in Santa Fe, keeping it real. Give us a shout if you’d like a free month of Karaoke Cloud, Loren. You’ve earned it.

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