Five reasons to sing during National Karaoke Week


You already knew singing karaoke was fun, but did you know it can have powerful positive effects on your life? Here’s five ways singing makes your life better

It improves your health. There are many studies that show the health benefits of singing. Not only does it release endorphins, those natural body chemicals that induce feelings of well-being, singing encourages deep breathing, a key part of relaxation techniques, and increases oxygen in the bloodstream. One study suggests it may even boost your immune system.

It improves your social life. Those health benefits we noted above seem to apply even more strongly when the singer is among a group (so get your BFFs to hit the stage with you when you can). The support you get from meeting a shared challenge together is empowering, and helps with social bonding. And there are a zillion stories of people meeting their soulmates at karaoke night.

It improves your brain. When you are actively concentrating on keeping pitch and keeping tempo, all while reading and performing, you are using a large part of your brain, all at once. This type of neural activity has been shown to keep your brain pliant, and help fight depression and stress, especially in older people. And one therapy for stroke victims is to sing in order to help relearn how to speak, rewiring the brain to use the right hemisphere when the left hemisphere has been damaged.

It improves your relationships. Another study on the beneficial effects of singing showed that singers tend to have higher levels of oxytocin, a hormone that bolsters both attraction and pair bonding between individuals. The emotional release from “singing your heart out” can help express pent-up feelings you might not otherwise be able to proclaim.

It increases your confidence. Public speaking is the number one fear among North Americans, with death coming in at number two. Facing down the fear of performing in public is a huge confidence booster, made easier by the fact that karaoke night crowds are generally forgiving and supportive, meaning any rough patches you may experience are quickly forgotten. When you’ve got to give that big speech or presentation, spending some time at the karaoke microphone can help you deal with the anxiety.

So get out there and grab the microphone, or get some friends together and log on to Karaoke Cloud, and belt out a tune or two. You’re likely to find your quality of life improving.

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