Indie flick examines karaoke in harsh conditions


Charles Wilkinson, director of Peace Out, has just secured a distribution deal on his new indie film that’s sure to be of interest to our readers.

Titled Oil Sands Karaoke, it chronicles the efforts of five oil patch workers, who toil in Northern Alberta’s oil sands, as they compete with one another to win a local karaoke contest. The documentary takes a hard look at why these people essentially leave civilization behind for back-breaking work and long hours, in an industry that’s more than a little controversial due to environmental concerns, and why karaoke is the outlet for expression they need.

The film’s already had more than a few sit up and take notice at Hot Docs, a Canadian documentary film festival currently underway (film profile at Hot Docs here). As soon as it’s released, you can bet we’ll be watching. We can’t embed it, so here’s a link to the official trailer.

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