Karaoke – from outer space to your local gas pump

Space Station

Yes, that’s a real astronaut strumming a guitar and singing David Bowie’s classic “Space Oddity” aboard the International Space Station. NASA says it’s the first music video made in space (at least by humans), and is performed by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who’s performed before with an all-astronaut band, as well as joining The Chieftains and two other astronauts on a version of “Moondance” last February.

Here’s the video, which the official David Bowie Facebook page called “possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created.”

Meanwhile, back on earth, The Smoking Gun has uncovered some facts it thinks casts doubt on whether the latest viral karaoke video, of two “unsuspecting” customers at a Costco gas pump playing it up for a segment of Jay Leno’s “Pumpcast News”, might have been staged.

Regardless, it was a great segment – if you haven’t seen it yet, here ya go:

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