Details emerge on Karaoke Summit 2013


The official website for this year’s Karaoke Summit has been updated, and includes an intriguing entry in the agenda.

Set to appear at 10:30 am is Natalie Madaj, who is a legal fellow at the National Music Publisher’s Association. The title of the talk is “Reform Sync Licensing Now”, which has us fascinated. Coupled with the appearance of Allen Jacobi, who’s widely regarded as a top entertainment licensing and copyright attorney, this is shaping up to be an interesting line-up.

Is it possible we could be witnesses to a paradigm shift in the way publishers view karaoke licensing? It’s hard to tell from the information given.

ABKCO v Stellar pretty much gutted the industry way-back-when as the dominoes began toppling over licensing disputes. If karaoke could shed the video sync license requirement, perhaps even (dare we dream it) become compulsory, like some economic zones enjoy, there could be a karaoke renaissance in the USA.

That would be a major boost to labels, KJ’s, singers, publishers…. pretty much everyone involved in the industry.

Update 3:11 pm: The streaming channel link has just been released

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