The 2013 Karaoke Summit has Ended


Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax took the podium and began with his background. He’s one of the first KJs in the USA, having multiple venues back in the laserdisc days, in New York City.

Natalie Madaj from the National Music Publishers Association outlined the general attitude among publishers for innovations in karaoke licensing, and suggested the Harry Fox Agency’s Slingshot program as a way for streamlining the video sync licensing process.

Allen Jacobi, famous entertainment lawyer, ran down the differences between licensing in the USA and doing so abroad, and how the current licensing structure puts American companies at a competitive disadvantage.

Hal Kinney, President of the Knoxville Chapter of the American Disc jockey Association, talked about how difficult it is for a KJ to stay legal, when his customers constantly approached him with non-licensed files to play. The customers, Kinney noted, don’t care about licensing issues. They just want to sing their favorite songs.

Jonathan Apostoles, CEO and Founder of JoltSoft, makers of Karaoke Anywhere, detailed the new social media “Karaoke Feed” integration in their very popular app, and how it can help singers, venues and KJs.

Roby Robinson, attorney for Piracy Recovery LLC spoke at length about that company’s efforts to curb piracy, and the rights surrounding karaoke use.

Kurt Slep, CEO of Slep-Tone Entertainment, gave a riveting speech covering a brief history of both karaoke and karaoke piracy in the USA, and what his company is doing to bring it closer to an end.

Toni Roberts, Senior Licensing and Production Coordinator for DigiTrax discussed setting up the correct metadata for each karaoke song ever released. Allen Jacobi returned to the podium to advocate sharing and crowd-sourcing the metadata.

Joe Vangieri closed the Summit with a look at how upcoming technology is affecting where and how we use karaoke, before taking closing questions.

You can review the Livestream, with full replay capabilites now at:

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