Karaoke Summit 2013 Wrap-Up: full video, excerpts posted


DigiTrax Entertainment, hosts of the 2013 Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit have posted the full videos of the event, including speaker break-outs.

The entire event, recorded on Livestream, is available here. Video break-outs by speaker are below the jump.

Updating the Digital Runway – Joe Vangieri – View Deck

Reform Sync Licensing Now – Natalie Madaj – View Deck

Sync Licensing In The Global Economy – Allen Jacobi

Consumer Demands in the Karaoke Trenches – Hal Kinney – View Deck

Piracy Interdiction Efforts in the US – Roby Robinson and Kurt Slep, plus audience Q & A – View Deck

Adopting Metadata Standards for Karaoke Tracks – Toni Roberts – View Deck

Open-Source/Crowd-Source the Karaoke Database – Allen Jacobi, with additional comments by Joe Vangieri – View Deck

Karaoke and Social Media – Jonathan Apostoles – View Deck

Future Tech, Where Karaoke Is Going – Joe Vangieri – View Deck

Question and Answer Breakout Session – All

2 thoughts on “Karaoke Summit 2013 Wrap-Up: full video, excerpts posted

    • Absolutely! You can have complete confidence that all tracks uploaded to the Karaoke Cloud library are properly licensed and 100% legal! 🙂

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