Ten Great Karaoke Songs for Labor Day Weekend


The days are getting shorter and it’s time to celebrate summer’s last hurrah. In the USA, that means a long weekend, the start of football season, backyard barbecues, pool parties, and trips out of town to blow off steam. Here’s ten great karaoke songs chosen especially to highlight your Labor Day weekend.

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Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die

All discs go to heaven...

Karaoke Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die.

Music listeners continue flocking to online cloud-based delivery systems, and DigiTrax Entertainment is betting that the professional karaoke jockey and the casual karaoke fan will too.

A report from research outfit The NPD Group released earlier this year cited data gathered from 13- to 35-year-olds indicating that free and subscription-based streaming music services accounted for almost one quarter of those consumers’ average weekly music listening time, up from 17 percent in the previous year.

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What if EVERY diva showed up for karaoke?


Imagine if every famous diva you’d ever heard (or heard of) showed up for one night of karaoke. Now imagine they all sang the same tune, that Number One power ballad and karaoke classic “Total Eclipse Of The Heart“, as written by Jim Steinman and made famous by Bonnie Tyler.

Well, impressionist Christina Bianco did, and here’s what she thinks it may have sounded like.

Squared-away Karaoke CEO Started Out Punk

Joseph Vangieri’s experiences as a drummer in NYC punk and new-wave bands helped prep him to serve as the CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment, create KaraokeCloud.com, lead that company to the forefront of its industry, and blaze new trails in the tech space.

Joe Vangieri in his new-wave days with The Abstracts, in the early 1980's

Joe Vangieri in his new-wave days with The Abstracts, in the early 1980’s.

DigiTrax Entertainment’s CEO Joseph Vangieri, who has led the company into a position at the forefront of the karaoke market and innovated throughout the industry, got his start in music as a drummer for punk and new-wave bands in New York City. It may have been the perfect place to start.

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Music Genius Mark Radice Joins DigiTrax Entertainment

DigiTrax Entertainment heralds the addition of composer, musician and Emmy-nominated songwriter Mark Radice, whose credits include Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Barbra Streisand, Gene Simmons – and Sesame Street’s Muppets. Details and a classic video below the break.


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Rolling Stone writer to release karaoke book

Rob Sheffield

Rolling Stone columnist Rob Sheffield is set to release his new book Turn Around Bright Eyes: The Rituals of Love and Karaoke (Amazon link) on August 6.

The book is a sequel to his previous work Love Is A Mix Tape (Amazon link), which with quirky humor explored the relationship Sheffield and his wife shared, including their courtship, marriage, and her eventual loss to a pulmonary embolism.

We’ll be reading, Rob. Bring the noise.

Gizmos on Kickstarter put karaoke on your smartphone


If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a website set up to help fund projects that would otherwise remain nothing more than a great idea in someone’s head.

Well, karaoke folks are no strangers to entrepreneurship, and there are quite a few karaoke projects that have either been funded or are seeking funding on Kickstarter now.

Two very important ones (for us karaoke-obsessed folks) are the Kuhuh and the JUKE. Check each of the videos out below showing them in action.

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