Gizmos on Kickstarter put karaoke on your smartphone


If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter, it’s a website set up to help fund projects that would otherwise remain nothing more than a great idea in someone’s head.

Well, karaoke folks are no strangers to entrepreneurship, and there are quite a few karaoke projects that have either been funded or are seeking funding on Kickstarter now.

Two very important ones (for us karaoke-obsessed folks) are the Kuhuh and the JUKE. Check each of the videos out below showing them in action.


We love the tiny form factor and ease-of-use, the external speaker connections, and of course the standard 3.5mm connectors all the way around, for speakers, headphones and mikes. The Kickstarter page tells us the engineers are using ginormous tech in this small package, including high-resolution sampling, filtering, noise cancellation, delay processing, and just-in-time mixing. We’ve asked for a production sample, and will review it here when we get our hands on one.

There’s only 25 days left to fund the project as of this writing, so get over there and check it out. If you love it, pledge $35 and get yourself one of the first units out there (and the bragging rights) when it ships in September.


The coolest thing about the JUKE is the wireless aspect – it communicates with your home stereo or wireless speakers through Bluetooth, if you got ’em. It also has a built-in microphone, which may actually be cooler than the Bluetooth, once we’ve heard how good it sounds, we’ll let you know.

Since this one comes in two parts, and has wireless, it’ll be a bit more expensive – it appears they’re shooting for a retail price of around 90 British pounds, or about $135 US dollars. With the built-in mike, though, that’s one less thing you’ll need to buy, so it could work out to about the same, depending on how much you would have spent on a good mike. Also the app (required) looks very slick and easy to use.

Again, we’re hoping to get a review model here for testing, and we’ll report on that as soon as we do. For this one, there’s only 11 days remaining on the Kickstarter project, so if you want in on the action, better get crackin’.

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