Music Genius Mark Radice Joins DigiTrax Entertainment

DigiTrax Entertainment heralds the addition of composer, musician and Emmy-nominated songwriter Mark Radice, whose credits include Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Barbra Streisand, Gene Simmons – and Sesame Street’s Muppets. Details and a classic video below the break.


Emmy-nominated songwriter, composer, producer and musician Mark Radice has joined DigiTrax Entertainment as Creative Director, further expanding his impressive music career and applying his innate genius to the DigiTrax mission of building on the world’s largest and most accurate catalog for song reproductions and cover versions, featuring multi-track channels and stem mixes as well as video synchronization and karaoke.

DigiTrax CEO Joseph Vangieri is a longtime friend and colleague of Radice. When Vangieri stepped into his current position, a partnership with Radice seemed a natural fit, as Radice had just completed his run as songwriter for Sesame Street.

Vangieri and Radice grew up in the same small town, where Radice proved to be a constant inspiration.“When we were in sixth grade together in 1969,” Vangieri said, “We’d all rush to Mr. Walker’s class on Monday morning to see Mark’s ‘Top Ten Songs of the Week’, which he’d write on the blackboard. I remember buying his first single release that year on 45-RPM from him, personally.”

Radice signed onto the team at Knoxville, TN-based DigiTrax Entertainment to widen his reach in music production into the reproduction space. Radice finds a multi-stem reproduction can be a great asset across a broad range of platforms, making it an exciting venture outside of the songwriting and production grind. The degree of value of these stem tracks is related closely to the final quality of the production, and creating pitch-perfect matches is essential.

Radice has a rare natural talent bestowed upon less than 1% of the population called absolute pitch. Radice can accurately name the note of any sound ranging from the tuning of a guitar string, to that of a lawnmower in the distance. It’s a natural attribute that helped him become a music virtuoso at a young age, signing a publishing deal with RCA Records at age 7, touring with Donovan at age 16, and playing keyboards for Aerosmith at 20. His music career grew at a similar size and pace over the next forty years, including collaborations with Michael Bolton, Eddie Money, Dave Edmunds, Barry Manilow, Johnny Mathis, Aldo Nova, and culminating with his run as an Emmy-nominated songwriter for Sesame Street.

“I had touched virtually every facet of the music industry,” Radice commented, “Live performance, songwriting, producing, I wanted to move in a direction that would link the content I was creating in new and innovative ways. That’s why I ultimately joined forces with DigiTrax.”

In his current position, Radice oversees the studio production for content for all of DigiTrax’s initiatives, including education and edutainment tools with music companies such as Yamaha and Peavey, the largest music synchronization library in the United States for film and television, and karaoke distributed by in both professional and consumer models.

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