Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die

All discs go to heaven...

Karaoke Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die.

Music listeners continue flocking to online cloud-based delivery systems, and DigiTrax Entertainment is betting that the professional karaoke jockey and the casual karaoke fan will too.

A report from research outfit The NPD Group released earlier this year cited data gathered from 13- to 35-year-olds indicating that free and subscription-based streaming music services accounted for almost one quarter of those consumers’ average weekly music listening time, up from 17 percent in the previous year.

Russ Crupnick, Senior Vice President of Industry Analysis at NPD, was quoted by tech and culture watchdog The Verge as saying “Driven by mobility and connectivity, music-streaming services are rapidly growing their share of the music listening experience for teens and young adults, at the expense of traditional music listening methods.”

To meet the challenge of this shift in consumer habits, DigiTrax Entertainment leveraged the largest legal karaoke catalog in the United States in order to launch, the USA’s first legal streaming and download platform for karaoke.

“Consumer behavior is a constantly-moving target in the music industry,” said Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax. “Following trends in technology, we’ve seen shifts from vinyl to tape, to disc, to digital players, and now to streaming services.”

Those trends have value for the end-user, Vangieri said, because they make the listening experience easier and more rewarding. “Can you imagine today’s typical consumer getting off the couch to flip over an album and play the other side? Or dragging a tape or CD player along for their morning run?”

Karaoke Cloud extends those same conveniences to the karaoke enthusiast and professional. By moving a massive catalog of karaoke content onto the cloud and streaming it on demand to any connected device, Karaoke Cloud leverages the ubiquitous, always-on nature of smartphones that we carry with us everywhere and all the time.

For the professional karaoke host or venue, Karaoke Cloud Pro offers instant legal access to the huge library of hits DigiTrax has aggregated, from its own and other karaoke labels, for the broadest possible appeal to their customers. With this online availability, KJs can log onto the cloud and download the tracks for their next gig, or stream them live using the internet all for a flat monthly fee, effectively eliminating the need for KJs to carry heavy disc collections to and from their venues, and still be certain that every song they play is completely legal and licensed.

“Consumers want to be able to choose from a huge karaoke library,” Vangieri said, “and they want the experience to be simple, easy, flexible and inexpensive. That’s been our mandate in creating Karaoke Cloud and Karaoke Cloud Pro.”

8 thoughts on “Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die

  1. Interesting. The Piracy Recovery site has a list of “vetted” KJ’s. Myself and many others that have been very vocal about certifications and piracy are not on this list. I know PR, LLC must know who we are so it is a little disturbing that they have not pro-actively reached out to those of us in the community that promote legal karaoke operations.

    This seems to me to be a significant oversight on the part of the folks pursuing hosts for trademark and copyright violations. They have people that are on their side that can evangelize on their behalf and scale their message, yet they have made no effort to take advantage of that.

    I used the form on the PR, LLC site to request they contact me. Let’s see if that happens.


    • Derek:

      They are one of our software partners who have integrated our service with their fine hosting software. If you are asking if using Karaoke Cloud Pro through Virtual DJ is legal and intended for commercial use, the answer is yes (I’m clarifying because we offer a bunch of different services through different platforms, and not all of those services are intended for the professional karaoke host).

      • Virtual Dj is advertising their karaoke plan as Karaoke Cloud, not Karaoke Cloud Pro… does this matter? I am a Virtual Dj Pro user. Is it the same? and if it is, what documentation can I show to the venue owner? the venue I am doing will not tolerate copyright infringement and wants a guarantee I am legal. please advise.

      • Derek: Virtual’s offering includes the DigiTrax library only, without the aggregated libraries from other labels, so I believe they are using a slightly different marketing approach. It’s still the Pro solution with full legal standing, though, and your name should show up on our list of vetted KJ’s as a matter of your current subscription. We ask our partners to update us weekly with the list of current subscribers, so we can keep that list up to date.

      • Is it possible to use this subscription in the UK? and does it include the subscription to backing tracks that can be used in between karaoke tracks (ie. the latest music)? if so then how much and how can I get hold of this?!?!

      • Stuart: The streaming subscription is fully legal and available in the UK. The system doesn’t deliver interstitial music, though, so sorry about that.

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