Flawless CMA Performance: A perfect tribute to George Jones



On April 26th of this year country music legend George Jones passed away at the age of 81, leaving behind a stunning legacy of over 150 hit songs and a career which spanned five decades. In honor of this unparalleled icon, viewers and attendees of last night’s 47th annual CMA awards were treated to a flawless and emotionally charged performance of one of George’s most beloved songs, He Stopped Loving Her Today.

Performed by two of today’s greatest and most cherished country music artists, Alan Jackson and George Strait, the stirring rendition captivated audiences and fans have been taking to the blogosphere to remember Mr. Jones and praise Jackson and Strait for their classy and memorable tribute.

If you wish to pay your own tribute to the legend you can do so right here.

While you’re at it you might also wish to thank Alan Jackson…

and the 2013 CMA Entertainer of the Year award winner George Strait.

Even with the passing of “the Possum,” it’s evident that the country music genre is in good hands thanks to artists like these.


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