Turning Japanese: Finnish state railway to offer passengers sushi and karaoke

Subway Station in Munich

It looks as though the United States is far from the only country with an increasing amount of Japanophiles. In an article posted on the Nordic news site IceNews, the Finnish state railway VR is in the process of replacing 2/3 of it’s restaurant cars with double-decker restaurant/bar carriages that will offer passengers the option to enjoy both sushi and karaoke.

At an estimated cost of 68 million euros, these 26 new carriages will include a full restaurant and bar on the lower level offering culinary choices from specialty coffees to sushi. ¬†Compartments and meeting rooms will be located on the upper deck. One of the most unique new features, however, is a separate compartment on the restaurant/bar level dedicated to passengers’ enjoyment of karaoke.

I don’t know if any of our readers plan to visit Finland anytime soon, but if so here’s a little piece of advice. If you decide to try out one of these new mobile karaoke bars for yourself, You might want to think twice before singing “Runaway Train.”


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