Jay Z and Beyonce: Masters of the (Music) Universe!


Jay Z and Beyonce top Billboard’s Power 100 List – Illustration By Sean McCabe (photo: Win McNamee/AFP/Getty Images)

Billboard has just released it’s Power 100 list revealing the most powerful individuals currently in the music industry, and, to many, it’s no surprize who’s topping that list. Since their marriage in 2008, Jay Z and Beyoncé have been one of the hottest power couples in the entertainment world, but their meteoric rise to the top has secured the pair a spot normally occupied by label executives and CEOs.

Beyoncé and Jay Z are the only performing artists found on the entire list, to say nothing of the top 10. According to Billboard columnist Andrew Hampp, the reason the dynamic duo trumped the competition is that by “Leveraging their star power to release new albums in unprecedented ways—Jay Z through Samsung and Beyoncé through iTunes—they instantly changed how the industry and fans thought about interacting with music.”

There is no doubt that the music industry in general has been changing drastically over the last decade. From the way consumers purchase their music to the innovative ways in which artists and producers are releasing new tracks and albums, the old marketing model is fading away. Artists like Jay Z and Beyoncé are at the forefront of that change and, in my opinion, their spot at the top of the Billboard Power 100 list is well deserved.

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