Sport For The Body, Music For The Soul


Here at DigiTrax Entertainment we support all of our US athletes and members of the US Olympic Team! The amount of dedication and sacrifice it takes to become some of the top athletes in the world is something that most of us will never comprehend. And while sport is the ultimate test of the body, it is driven by the passion of the soul. For American luger and 2014 US Olympic Team member Kate Hansen, that passion is fueled by the power of music, so much so that it has become an integral part of her pre-competition routine.


You see, Kate is a dancer. Maybe not professionally, but she’s a dancer none the less! Her chosen sport is the luge, but her pre-race warm-up routine is all boogie.

Before each race, Kate puts on a set of earphones and transports herself to another world, one ruled by “Queen Bey.” When asked what she gets down to, the BYU student answered, “Strictly Beyoncé! My girl Bey! She just gets me fierce and I get stoked. I’ve got good mojo on, so it’s how I roll.”

In spite of what the commentator in the above video has to say, we support your passion, Kate, both for sport and music. Combining the two makes you number one in our books, regardless of how you place in SochiGo Team USA!

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