Sharing The Love: Sing-N-Share makes romance just a little easier.


In order to help you woo that special someone, we’ve added an entire “Valentine Songs” category to our Sing-N-Share app! Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry will only get you so far, my friends. Ok… they’ll probably get you pretty damn far, but if you really want to show your valentine how you feel it takes something from the heart, not just the wallet, and the heart is the domain of music.

Fellas, girls love romance. I can not express this fact enough. If you want to show her how special she is to you then you need to do something romantic or, at the very least, attempt to do something romantic. Thankfully, it truly is the thought that counts, so whatever you do, just do your best. Nothing says “romance” like singing her a love song and then posting it on social media so that she and her BFFs can laugh at you. Trust me, this may sound like a joke, but the whole time she’s laughing she’ll be thinking about how sweet and amazing you are and that, my friends, is what leads to a very happy Valentine’s Day evening.

Ladies, you may think that guys are simple and easy to please… Ok, we are. For the most part our idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is found less in the realm of romance and more in the realm of, well, a gift card to our favorite electronics store. Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is for her, not him, but this doesn’t get you girls off the hook completely. We love to know when we’ve succeeded in our attempts to make you happy, similar to a dog getting excited over the fact that you’re happy he hasn’t pooped in the house today. Singing your favorite love song and dedicating it to him is a great way to let him know he’s done his job well, especially if it’s followed up with that gift card we talked about earlier!

Finally, love is all about being together and sharing those special moments. Sure, it’s fun to do stuff for each other on Valentine’s Day, but take some time to do something with each other, too. Not all of the best love songs are solo performances, you know. Why not perform a duet with your significant other and post it on that joint Facebook account you’ve (she’s) been talking about making?

Happy Valentine’s Day, my friends! 🙂

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ~Lao Tzu


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