Smokey and the Pundit: Willie Geist’s crazy family night karaoke

Way Too Early with Willie Geist

It happens! You try your best to be “the cool dad,” only to find that the Universe may have a sense of humor, but your wife (and the fire department)… not so much. NBC’s TODAY host Willie Geist found this out the hard way over the weekend as his attempts to turn his kid’s karaoke party into a special effect spectacular went up in smoke!

According to Geist, his kids love to come together and have fun singing One Direction karaoke. In an effort to surprise his kids and make things a little crazy, Geist decided to bring home a fog machine. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men.

“I brought it home and my wife Christina’s like ‘What,'” he recalled Monday morning on TODAY. His response? “Trust me, it’s going to be great.” Oh, Willie. Willie, Willie, Willie.

After turning on the fog machine (and a strobe light for extra effect), the house began to fill with fog as planned. The problem: apparently smoke detectors can’t tell the difference between fog and smoke. To make matters worse, in his attempt to turn off the blaring fire alarm Willie accidently hit the carbon monoxide detector. All of this while receiving “the look” from his wife.

After the fire department and a state trooper had been officially invited to the party, Willie felt that he had learned a lesson. “We’re not going to have anymore fog machines,” he stated. Probably for the best there, Will. Though, in my opinion, you should have asked the firemen and the cop to belt out a tune or two for their efforts.

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