All Hail King Clapton! The guitar god rocks the Kingdom of Bahrain


Three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Eric Clapton rocked a sold-out crowd in Bahrain on Saturday (March 8) with the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa in attendance. Now rave reviews and angry voices alike are following in the wake.

The performance itself was the “show of a lifetime” according to the Bahrain online entertainment magazine Albawaba Entertainment. “I can’t remember the last time I have seen so many people so happy in one place,” stated the author (unknown) of an article published March 9. “It really made you understand why he’s known as a guitar legend.”

No complaints seem to have been aired about the performance itself, but there is plenty of frustration over seating and ticket issues. The venue chosen for the highly anticipated concert was the 2,000-seat Arad Fort. Tickets sold out in only two hours, leaving many upset over the poor choice of venue for such a lauded artist as Clapton.

Local media reports that many Bahrain citizens decided to travel to Dubai instead in order to attend Clapton’s performance at the 15,000-capacity Media City Amphitheatre on March 6. Such dedication shows the influence that Western music holds in the region, even in the face of unrest and disdain for Western ideals. This is a perfect example of how music draws people together, regardless of culture or belief.

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