Konvenient Karaoke: Japan is at it again!


“I’ll take a bottle of sake, a pack of gum… and two turns in the karaoke booth, please!”

Karaoke was invented in Japan and it has become an integral part of Japanese culture, so it should come as no surprise that the Japanese continue forward with the evolution of the industry. From a regular night out on the town to the culmination of a business negotiation/contract signing, karaoke is a celebratory part of everyday life on the island nation. Now it’s about to become a part of the shopping experience.

Family Mart, a popular convenience store chain in Japan, is joining forces with one of the country’s leading karaoke providers to place self-operated karaoke booths inside their corner markets.

karaoke booths are a hit in Japan (photo courtesy of weirdasianews.com)

karaoke booths are a hit in Japan (photo courtesy of weirdasianews.com)

Karaoke booths are all the rage in Japan, and in a country famous for it’s odd eccentricities, so are 24-hour convenient stores (go figure). Placing karaoke booths inside a corner market open 24/7 was simply the next logical step and a dream come true for insomniacs. It’s like the Japanese equivalent of turducken; sooooo good!

The first of these night owl havens is due to open on April 17th in Tokyo. Meanwhile, you can make any room your personal karaoke booth with our free Sing-N-Share app powered by Karaoke Cloud! See what I did there? 🙂

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