Medal Of Honor Recipient Uses Karaoke For Stress Relief

MoH recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter (photo: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures for USA Today)

MoH recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter (photo: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures for USA Today)

On the morning of October 3, 2009, a small contingent of US soldiers was attacked by an overwhelming force of approximately 300-400 enemy insurgents at Combat Outpost Keating in eastern Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Ty Carter braved enemy fire in a heroic effort to resupply his fellow soldiers and help carry the severely wounded to safety. On that day, Staff Sgt. Carter proved what it means to be a real American hero and there is no question as to whether he was deserving of being presented with the Medal of Honor.

Since that time, Carter has dedicated himself to traveling around the country and educating both military personnel and the general public on the seriousness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s a serious and important business, but Carter takes it all in stride and falls back on an old favorite pastime to help him relax; karaoke.

“Everywhere I go, if I’ve got free time, I ask the people there if there’s a karaoke bar in town,” he told Michelle Tan of  the Army Times. “That’s usually where I end up.” He credits karaoke as not only a stress-reliever, but states that getting up in front of strangers and singing also helped him hone his public speaking skills.

Carter is a huge country music fan and often finds himself singing tracks from one of his all-time favorites, Brad Paisley. Though PTSD is no laughing matter, Carter finds that traveling the country does have its lighter moments, and one of those moments was the opportunity to meet Mr. Paisley at a rodeo in Houston, Texas.

“When I met Brad Paisley, I told him, ‘I sing all of your songs,’ ” Carter stated. When asked, he named “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” “I’m Still A Guy,” and “Mud On The Tires” as his favorite songs. 

Carter spends the vast majority of his time on the road in his noble crusade. PTSD is a very serious issue and it affects millions of Americans every year. We here at Karaoke Cloud fully support SSgt. Carter in his mission. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and every member of our armed services.

You can learn more about the realities of PTSD here.

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