Drugs, Alcohol, Dehydration Cause Of Boston Concert Hospitalizations

Dozens of concert goers were hospitalized after consuming a "dangerous substance" at Avicii show in Boston (Photo: courtesy of Youtube)

Dozens of concert goers were hospitalized after consuming a “dangerous substance” at Avicii show in Boston (Photo: courtesy of Youtube)

On Tuesday, I ironically posted a piece about whether or not a trip to the ER highlighting your night out on the town constitutes a “good time.” If you ask me the answer is pretty simple; hell no! But some Avicii fans might say differently.

Approximately 50 people were treated on-scene and another 30-something taken to area hospitals during and following an Avicii concert at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, Wednesday night (6/25). According to the Boston Globe, EMS workers stated that the injuries were primarily due to a combination of dehydration, alcohol, and drug use. Always a good mix. Thankfully, medical professionals also stated that all of the injuries appeared to be minor.

In a statement released to ET News, Live Nation Entertainment, organizers of Wednesday’s concert, said “While this is still a developing situation, based on early reports from the venue it appears the majority of the transports were people outside the venue who were too impaired to be allowed inside the venue and access to the concert. Out of an abundance of caution they were transported for medical evaluation and assistance.”

So this raises a few questions. If you’re gonna go to a concert, wouldn’t it be in your best interest to be sober enough to at least be allowed entrance into the damn building? If you are allowed in, wouldn’t you like to remember the experience? Most importantly, is the guy below a possible Avicii concert goer? Hmm…

I joke only because, as stated before, the injuries were minor. The truth is that this situation could have been much worse. Public intoxication is one thing and carries its own dangers, but if you need to get fall-down, pass-out, “someone call an ambulance” drunk/high in order to enjoy yourself, do everyone a favor and enjoy yourself at home.

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