Famous songwriter helps education startup get off the ground

Mark-Radice-PerformsThree-time Emmy nominee and Sesame Street songwriter Mark Radice performs at the SoKnox Studios Grand Opening on April 8, 2014. Photo courtesy Cathy Vangieri.

Children’s Media Studio has debuted the release of their new Christmas album, Sing And Spell Christmas Sing-Along, presenting nine classic Christmas favorites and two new original songs, with featured arrangements by Mark Radice, the three-time Emmy-nominated composer who has written songs for Sesame Street, Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, The Jim Henson Hour and The Muppets at Walt Disney World. Children’s Media Studios released all of the music videos for viewing on their YouTube channel, with complimentary holiday coloring pages also offered on their website.

Here’s a peek at what they’ve been cooking up:

“Christmas is the season for giving,” explained Cathy Vangieri, Co-Producer for the project and Content Director for the Sing And Spell series of videos, “and some of my fondest childhood memories involve singing Christmas songs in school, at home and even door-to-door with friends. Working on this video album has been a chance for us to give an enjoyable experience to parents and children who are just beginning their reading adventure.”

“Singing together is fun, and the on-screen lyrics prompt viewers to read as they sing along, so it doesn’t feel like a chore,” Vangieri said. “This means they’re practicing reading, without even realizing it.”

Sing And Spell Christmas Sing-Along was created as a part of the Sing And Spell program, designed to help early readers and pre-readers practice reading basics, and build vocabulary through music. Under Mark Radice’s direction, the catchy Christmas music arrangements are brought to life by a cast of colorful, original animated characters including Luke Warmwater, Amanda Lynn, and The Three Kings.

“Mark is a stellar songwriter; he’s been composing for fifty years,” Vangieri said. “His robust arrangements, clever songs and lyrics are magical and really make our program unique. Mark’s music helps make learning fun!”

The Sing And Spell program provides a host of free materials for the parents of children who are beginning to learn reading, including alphabet cards, coloring and activity pages, teacher’s guides, progress charts, and video glossaries, through their homepage at www.singandspell.com. Information about their first release, Sing And Spell – Learning Letters, can be found there.

Mark Radice is a three-time Emmy nominated composer who has written songs for The Jim Henson Hour, The Muppets at Walt Disney World, Muppet Classic Theater, Sesame Street, Abby In Wonderland, and Elmo’s Christmas Countdown, and arranged the music for Kids’ Favorite Country Songs. A brief list of his songs for the Muppets can be seen at http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Mark_Radice and an extensive discography of his lifetime dedication to composing music for some of the biggest names in the recording industry, including Donovan, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand and more, can be found at http://markradice.150m.com/Disco/disco.html.

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