Justin Bieber Admits That All The Negative Comments Do Hurt Him

Justin Bieber has been in the news a lot in past for his wild antics. In the day of the internet, people are constantly commenting on his actions. He came out on the Ellen Show recently to tell the public, it does bother him.

Justin Bieber posted this photo to his Fahlo account once he bleached his hair.

Justin Bieber posted this photo to his Fahlo account once he bleached his hair.

Over the past week, Bieber has been apologizing for all the crazy things he has done. These things range from tame, such as bleaching his hair, to illegal, like driving while intoxicated. The famous pop star has had quite the year, and been in the headlines many a time.

In the day of the social media world, anything that could be bad publicity for someone famous, can be online in mere minutes. For Bieber that means that every one of his mistakes over the past couple of years has found its way into the hands of millions of people around the world. Even if you aren’t a fan of Bieber, chances are you have heard a thing or two that he has done.

Bieber himself admitted on The Ellen Show, that he isn’t proud of it. He also admitted that all the harsh comments that people make about him, do in fact, bother him, he is only human. Hearing all these things has an effect on him even if it doesn’t show. He wants to work on growing as a person, to become better.

“People often forget that, even with some of their comments and stuff, they think it doesn’t get to me, but it gets to me. You know, things that people say bother me and I gotta be strong enough to just keep it pushing” Bieber said on The Ellen Show.

Check out his most recent visit to the Ellen Show, where he also hums some of the Grammy Nominated songs:

Bieber has been talking all the comments in stride, working through the trouble. Only time will tell now what his next move will be.

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