5 Ways to Expand Your Musical Horizons

If your music collection is beginning to sound stale and repetitive and the latest hits don’t strike a chord with you, it is probably time to expand your horizons. Whether you are a music devotee or an avid rock n’ roll fan looking to branch out into another genre, exploring different genres and musical perspectives can give you an opportunity to add new music to your collection and gain knowledge about the music that you already enjoy. Here are some ways to change-up your daily tunes.

  1. Change your radio presets. The majority of music is enjoyed while accomplishing your daily routines, riding around in your car. Many people tune in to the radio, and have preset stations that they generally listen to. If you are one of these people and would like to expand your musical horizons, try changing up your presets to make it easier to take notice of new music. Another great way to add to your assortment of music is to listen to a locally run station rather than a large-business station, as local stations tend to promote lesser-known artists.
  2. Listen to the whole album; not just the #1 hit. Generally speaking, hit songs are played continuously until the next big single flies up on the chart. I have found that if you enjoy the artist’s most popular song, you will probably enjoy the other songs that they have created– sometimes even more so than their #1 hit! This is one of the easiest ways to discover new music, as you already know what genre and artist you want to explore. Just because the other songs aren’t on the Billboard Top 100 doesn’t mean the songs aren’t as good, but sometimes deeper and more thought-provoking; not just attention-grabbing and catchy.
  3. Ask your peers what music they have been listening to. Most people listen to the music that they do because a friend, family member, or peer introduced them to it at one point or another. A considerable person to ask would be someone whose musical collection vastly differs from your own. A great thing to ask is why they enjoy the music that they do, and see if you agree with their reasoning. Looking at an unfamiliar music genre from someone else’s perspective is a great way to learn to appreciate new music.
  4. Listen to a new genre every week. Every though you may believe that you don’t enjoy a certain type of music, you could be surprised how immensely different artist’s music can vary in just one genre. Try following a couple of playlists with assorted artists that include genres you do not usually listen to. Make sure to listen to the songs a couple of time to give them a chance, as sometimes extended exposure can be all you need to change from reggae to rock n’ roll.
  5. Use the internet to discover new music. The world-wide web is an amazing thing, which is commonly used to explore the copious amounts of music streaming through webpages. Utilizing an online radio station can also be a great way to contribute to your new-found music collection, as you can search through genres or “similar artists” to those that you already listen to. Let it play in the background while you browse the Web, answer e-mails, etc. If you hear a song you like, write down the title, album, and artist, if possible. Some good sites include: pandora.com, accuradio.com jango.com, last.fm and deezer.com, but there are plenty of other great ones.

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