Chris Brown’s home invaded by robbers

Early this morning, Chris Brown’s home in San Fernando was broken in to– for the second time in two months. Three men invaded the home around 2 a.m. on Wednesday night, seemingly avoiding the 16-camera security system. The last time this occurred no one was home at the time of invasion, but this time the Browns were not so lucky. Robbers held his aunt at gunpoint and then forced her into a closet while they raided the house. Eventually the aggressors fled after stealing valuables such as money and electronics, leaving Chris’s aunt to alert the cops.


Above: Chris Brown conversing with the cops shortly after he got home around 4 a.m.

According to Chris’s mother, the robbery was an inside job done by one of his “homies.” After the home invasion, she tweeted, “Watch who you standing beside.” His mother believes that the men that Chris calls friends are moochers, living off of Chris’s success.

I believe that the question of foul play is a definite possibility, as Chris has only lived in his home for a very short period and the intruders somehow knew how to get around his security system. Since the home was recently built, it is not completely finished, so investigators are unsure that they have footage to examine the men. Hopefully Chris will get to the bottom of this before it becomes a routine!

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