KaraoQ Partners with DigiTrax Entertainment to Innovate the Karaoke Experience

Nashville-based music tech company, KaraoQ, signs deal with DigiTrax Entertainment to provide a better karaoke experience from your mobile device. This partnership integrates the mobile application experience with a legally sourced karaoke catalog: it’s social, mobile and all legal.

This integration was made possible through a serendipitous introduction. The two companies met through Launch TN’s initiative to empower and prepare entrepreneurs in the state of Tennessee. Joe Vangieri, CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment, is a lead mentor of MediaWorks, a summer-long intensive program hosted through the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center. Michael Amburgey of KaraoQ was a part of Project Music, through the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. The two companies were introduced by Shawn Yeager of the Back Porch Group, an advisor on the KaraoQ board and a lecturer at MediaWorks. He felt the companies would be a great fit: one provides the music and the other, the interaction.

DigiTrax Entertainment’s karaoke music-based offer, Karaoke Cloud, fuels the music library that powers KaraoQ. Singers choose their song, join the queue, then have the chance to users to bump someone up the list, rate singers and tip their KJs. KaraoQ users will truly have the most interactive karaoke experience yet.

For more information, download KaraoQ on iOS or Android and get ready to sing!

2 thoughts on “KaraoQ Partners with DigiTrax Entertainment to Innovate the Karaoke Experience

  1. Really? Pay off the KJ to sing sooner. Not in any club I would work in. Not a chance… Absolutely ignorant. As the TOP KJ in my City, I refused Hundreds of $$s in BRIBES to move singers up in line. It’s HIGHLY unethical to take Bribes. Doesn’t matter what it is for. If that part can ot be disabled, I absolutely would not use it. Not a Chance.

    • Larry: It’s actually a lot of fun. I was resistant to that part of the program at first, just like you. Then I saw it in action at a live karaoke night. The singers were having a blast: some were bumping themselves, but most were bumping and re-bumping each other. It became a kind of applause as customers played throughout the night with different line-ups and promoting as much by song as by performer. Instead of a collection of individuals, the crowd instead came together as a group of people finding their dynamic balance. No one left unhappy.

      “Bribe” is a very harsh word. Our KJ was donating bump proceeds to charity.

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