Musical Moments

Like many people, when I listen to music it brings back memories.  With that said, let’s take it back a little to a time when certain songs really made me feel the moment and brought back some memories.

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    Picture from The Wiggles twitter @thewiggles

    When I was younger, I used to travel a lot. We would spend hours at a time bored to tears in the car with the only entertainment being singing along to songs with my mom and little brother as we drove to who knows where. My little brother was in the car seat next to me and he loved watching The Wiggles on TV. I remember we had the windows rolled down and were blasting “Fruit Salad” by the Wiggles going about 80+ miles per hour down the highway. I remember feeling completely at peace and highly entertained by my brother singing “woot savlid tummy tummy” because he was too young to actually know the words. My mom and I would just laugh and sing along with him.


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    Fanmade cover: Felipe Franklin

    Another time when I was a little older (19), a time I was young dumb and thought I knew what love was. I was so into this guy who at the time was my boyfriend (my first relationship ever by the way) but he never seemed to really care after we started dating. He would always make excuses and I tried my best to understand. We were both college students. He would spend hours on Facebook a day and not even a few minutes with me during the week. About that time I had really gotten into Panic! At The Disco and their album “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” There is a song called “Nicotine” and the lyrics

“It’s better to burn than to fade away
It’s better to leave than to be replaced”

Those lyrics really spoke to me. I decided it wasn’t a healthy relationship and was more of a one-sided “love” so I broke up with him. Honestly, I never thought I would do something like that. He was a totally different person after we decided to date. If you’re wondering his response to me breaking up with him, it was “yeah ok. whatever I like this other girl anyway and I have been seeing her for like 2 months.”  Hurt with his response, yes, but I also felt happier after that. I listed to that Panic! At The Disco album a million times after that and fell in love with the group. They are now on my top 5 favorite singers list.


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    Facebook/Owensboro Christmas Lights

    This last one is always around Christmas time. My mom loves listening to Christmas music (from frosty the snowman to rocking around the Christmas tree) and seeing all the lights and decorations people put outside their houses. Every year my whole family would pile into the car, we would all have travel cups with hot cocoa, Christmas music playing in the car and would drive into different neighborhoods and look at all the beautiful lights. A real feeling of peace always sets in when we do that. It’s a yearly tradition and one I plan to do with my kids in the future.

Justin Timberlake Super Bowl 2018

News broke recently that Justin Timberlake would be the halftime singer during the Super Bowl of 2018 and some people are not happy.


Photo:Getty Images

Back in 2004, Timberlake was the halftime singer during the Super Bowl XXXVIII with Janet Jackson alongside him.

Timberlake was singing his hit song “Rock Your Body” when Jackson slid next to him on stage, joining his vocals.

Towards the end of the song, Timberlake sang ‘Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song,” right as he ripped a piece of Jackson’s top off, exposing Jackson’s pierced nipple to thousands in the crowd, and millions more who were watching from home.

It was big news for some time, so when Justin announced he would be at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show as the star, some people were not happy, and either objected to his performance, or wanted him to apologize before or during show. Others think he should just do the show. 

Justin Timberlake has since received some backlash, but for now, he will take center stage at the 2018 Super Bowl!

I get why people are upset, but still think he deserves a second chance.