“Born In The USA” – but not legal here.


Bruce Springsteen, one of the most iconic American musicians (and categorically patriotic songwriters) doesn’t want America singing his songs for karaoke. Yet while Springsteen refuses to let American fans sing his songs, he licenses them freely abroad.

“Springsteen stands in front of the American flag on his album cover, and sings about making a home in ‘America Land,’ and yet refuses to license his music to allow fans to sing karaoke versions of his songs here in America,” Karaoke Cloud CEO Joseph Vangieri remarked regarding the apparent contradiction between Springsteen’s patriotism and American karaoke ban.

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Bon Jovi, won’t you please come home?

Lonely Denim

In the wake of the Karaoke Cloud Summit, the music industry is questioning the judgment of songwriters like Bon Jovi, for banning his songs to be sung as karaoke tracks in America, despite their widespread availability and use outside the United States.

“When you think of American rock legends, Bon Jovi is near the top of the list, but he refuses to license his songs for karaoke use in the United States. It’s ironic,” Karaoke Cloud CEO Joseph Vangieri said regarding the rock and roller’s karaoke ban.

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