Is this the hardest karaoke song in the world?

Tourism organization Inspired by Iceland wants you to know how to pronounce common words in their notoriously-difficult language, and to guide you along, they’ve created this helpful little video, which may indeed be the hardest karaoke ever.

With a catchy tune and simple(!) lyrics, performer (and native comedian) Steindi Jr guides you through everyday Icelandic words and phrases during the sing-along song, set among the stunning landscapes that the beautiful island nation has to offer.

We’ve tried it, and can testify that the words are… challenging. Here’s some tourists tryharding on the tune:

And if you’re ready to take up the challenge yourself, here’s the full video:


The End of an Era: Fare Thee Well, Grateful Dead

The Grateful Dead has led an impressive and incredible musical journey since their reign began back in 1965. Fifty years later, their days of performing unique improvisational music came to an end. The band reconvened one last time (with the addition of Phish’s lead singer Trey Anastasio) to celebrate not only the band’s legacy, but the community that has formed around the Grateful Dead, who lived and died by their music.

635717706414106659-AP-Grateful-Dead-Fare-Thee-Well---Chicago-Day-4---ShowAbove: The Grateful Dead welcome the fans to kick off of their July 4th weekend.

Trey Anastasio perfectly summed up the Grateful Dead’s musical legacy when he said, “Jerry Garcia was a great American master and the Grateful Dead are not just a genuine piece of musical history, but also an important part of American history. This is a band, born right at the beginning of electric rock, that took the American tradition and moved it forward. They really embodied the American concept of freedom, rolling around the country with a ginormous gang of people and the mindset that ‘you can come if you want, you can leave if you want. We don’t know what’s going to happen. All we know is we’re not looking back.’ What could be more American?

Tickets to see their weekend long show sold out in under 5 seconds, and were selling for over 1k online. Over 220 fake tickets were seized over the weekend, but many still got their “miracle ticket” thanks to an amazing event staff. The band played on Sunday night at Chicago’s Soldier Field as part of their “Thee Well, A Tribute To The Grateful Dead” tour, and the stadium said 71,000 tickets were sold for the show, the Associated Press reports—more than any other event held at the stadium. The entire city of Chicago was a buzz with excitement of the 3-day show, even creating a Snapchat filter and Grateful Dead pizza boxes. Farewell Thee was celebrated all over the world; while the Dead were jamming in Chicago, the Empire State building was celebrating the Dead and America in NYC by synchronizing to the Dead’s performance of “U.S. Blues”.

The Grateful Dead has been a part of my life since before I even knew what music was, as my nickname is “love child” around my house. I was blessed with a free-spirit family who knows good music, and who taught me the same. Although I did not have the opportunity to see the Grateful Dead, I celebrated the end of their era from right here in Knoxville, Tennessee. Although their days of performing are over, their music will live on forever.

The performance ended with a memorable and endearing close. “The feeling we have here — remember it, take it home and do some good with it,” Mr. Hart said in closing. “I’ll leave you with this: Please, be kind.”

“Sometimes you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right.”
-The Grateful Dead-

Shanghaied In Shanghai! Chinese police bust karaoke criminals

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

Excitement, adventure, and the overall desire to experience “something different” are common traits associated with tourists who find their way into the big city. Unfortunately, they are also perfect avenues for criminals to exploit no matter what city you’re in.

According to an article on, fifteen members of a karaoke-based crime gang have been arrested by Shanghai police for luring tourists into “karaoke honey traps.” This musical maffia has allegedly been enticing “witless foreigners” into underground karaoke dens and then extorting them for thousands of pounds for the services provided… whatever those may be.

The Shanghai Daily newspaper reported that unsuspecting tourists were lead into these hidden bars where they were promised an evening in the presence of beautiful women while singing their favorite karaoke tunes. The experience apparently came at a high and unsuspected price, however, as patrons would be approached by “large men” and coerced into paying thousands of pounds before being allowed to leave.

Police eventually rounded up the gang after one lucky gentleman managed to escape from a car in which gang members were holding him and “ran to a nearby police car,” where he told his tale of karaoke kidnapping.

If you plan to travel to Shanghai anytime in the near future, keep your wits about you. The cops may have put an end to one of these groups, but who knows how many other crooner cronies are out there?

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