Top 6 Most Outrageous Music Laws From Around The World

Most people are told from an early age that you must follow the rules. When you get older, you are told to follow the laws in addition to the rules you have been following you’re whole life.

However, with so many rules, it’s almost like they are meant to be put to the test or at the very least, broken. Here are our top 5 most outrageous music laws from around the world.

With that said, here are our top 5 most outrageous music laws from around the world:

  1. New Hampshire It is illegal to tap your feet or nod your head to the music in a tavern, restaurant, or cafe.
  2. India: The music video for Paris Hilton’s song, “Stars Are Blind,” is banned in India.
  3. Kansas: In Russel, Kansas, it is illegal to have a musical car horn.
  4. Finland:Taxi drivers in Finland must pay a copyright fee for the music they play in their car while a customer is in the backseat.
  5. South Carolina: Musical instruments may not be sold on Sunday.
  6. Argentina: Argentine nightclubs must play the same amount of tango music as all other forms of music combined.

I don’t know about you but I always nod my head or at the very least move my feet to the beat of whatever music I happen to be listening to. In fact, sometimes I do so without even realizing it, New Hampshire. So get real.

It seems like India is on to something in regards to that crazy law – I understand why Paris Hilton’s song “Stars Are Blind” was banned. Sorry Paris.

Alright, Kansas, time to have a talk. I like my musical car horn, and I am going to keep it! Musical car horns are how I know it is time to chase after the ice cream truck. If they don’t have their musical car horn, how will I know to grab some change and head out for ice cream? (Shout out to all my fellow ice cream lovers out there!)

Really, Finland? That’s a ridiculous law don’t you think? I mean, if I was to go through the trouble of having to get music I want to play in the car when I have customers licensed, they would be listening to a whole lot of nothing.

South Carolina, I am calling you out! There is no bad time or day to listen to music, let alone sell a musical instrument so that one can play. By denying people the ability to buy a musical instrument just because it is a Sunday is downright wrong. Check yourself, South Carolina, check yourself.

Argentina, I get it, you’re passionate about your tango music, but not everyone is. The whole point of going to a nightclub is to jam out to the blaring music flowing from the surround sound speakers, and that the music is from a large variety of music genres. Time to take it down a notch with your “same amount of tango as all other forms of music combined” craziness!

What music laws did you find most outrageous and why? Comment below!


Eddie Vedder Performs “Imagine” Live, Maintains Pacifist Beliefs.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder showcases anti-war sentiment with live performance of John Lennon's classic "Believe." (Photo: courtesy of

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder showcases anti-war sentiment with live performance of John Lennon’s classic “Imagine.” (Photo: courtesy of

Anyone who pays attention to news casts or happens to have picked up a recent newspaper knows that conflict and violence are, as usual, at the top of today’s headlines. The Israeli-Hamas conflict continues in Gaza, Iranian nuclear talks continue to stall, and world leaders are voicing strong condemnation of Russian president Vladimir Putin over the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tragedy.

In the face of these violent times, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder decided to showcase his pacifist views with a live concert performance of John Lennon’s classic call for peace, “Imagine.”

Vedder has long been an anti-war activist, but he has recently taken flack for his pacifist stance, even from Israeli media sources implying that his anti-war statements are actually anti-Israeli. Vedder addressed these allegations on his website. “The majority of humans on this planet are more consumed by the pursuit of love, health, family, food and shelter than any kind of war,” he wrote. “War hurts. It hurts no matter which sides the bombs are falling on.”

Vedder also took the opportunity to confront these accusations live as he spoke to the audience at his solo show in Meco, Portugal, on July 18. In his introduction to “Imagine” he stated, “If you’re anti-war it doesn’t mean you are ‘pro’ one side or the other in a conflict. However, it does make you ‘pro’ many things…Pro-peace, pro-human, pro-evolution, [it] makes you pro-communication, pro-diplomacy, pro-love, pro-understanding, pro-forgiveness.”

Here at DigitTrax/Karaoke Cloud, our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are facing the horrors of war and with the families of those lost in the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17. Peace be with you…

Happy Independence Day From Karaoke Cloud!

Photo: courtesy of

Photo: courtesy of

As we Americans prepare for a 3-day weekend of grilling hamburgers, drinking beer, and participating in admittedly poorly thought out experiments involving fireworks and other explosives (many of which will undoubtedly end up on Youtube), we here at Karaoke Cloud/DigiTrax Entertainment want to take the time to wish you, our faithful readers, a very happy Independence Day!

And here to kick off the festivities, we “proudly” present stupid people doing what stupid people do best. You’re welcome! 🙂


On a more serious note, we very much hope that you will take time out this weekend to remember exactly what it is we’re celebrating. We live in a country which has many faults. Several of our leaders, whom we voted into power, have done significant damage to our civil liberties, our education system continues to decline as our children rank lower and lower among other nations in math, science, and literacy, and more Americans can name the cast members of Duck Dynasty than can name their own congressman. We have a lot of problems which need fixing, yet to this day we remain free. And that freedom not only comes with a price, it comes with a responsibility; a responsibility which all Americans must bear. That responsibility is to never take our freedom for granted, lest we lose it entirely!

“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed — else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.” ~Dwight D. Eisenhower

Karaoke Kombat! China’s military using karaoke to boost combat effectiveness

Official PLA propaganda depicting uniformed soldiers singing karaoke in colorful, brightly light night club (Photo: courtesy of

Official PLA propaganda depicting uniformed soldiers singing karaoke in a colorful, brightly-lit night club (Photo: courtesy of

Ask any soldier from any military background and they will likely tell you that combat effectiveness is not based solely on brutal training and strict militaristic protocol. Morale plays a major part in preparing the human psyche for violent confrontation. China has taken this axiom to heart and is now incorporating karaoke as a regular part of its training program for members of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

According to an article on Bloomberg’s, the Chinese government is making improvements in “grass-roots army culture equipment” in order to “meet the spiritual and cultural needs of officers and soldiers.” Officials are planning to double expenditures on equipment such as boomboxes, electronic musical instruments, and karaoke machines.

According to the PLA Daily, activities such as karaoke will “boost combat competitiveness of troops,” and “promote a strong army able to achieve significant goals.” The new expenditures are part of a 12.2% overall increase in China’s military budget, placing it at 808.2 billion yuan ($130 billion). Of course, that’s just a drop in the hat compared to the US military budget which has reached an astounding $756.4 billion for fiscal year 2015! Wow! I wonder how many karaoke machines that would buy.