Karaoke – is it time to pull the plug?

Man yanking electrical cord

Wait, what? Karaoke is more popular than ever! It’s the subject of countless social media posts, tens of thousands of YouTube videos, and is hosted by as many as 40,000 venues across the nation.

But in one sense of the term “pull the plug”, yes, it is high time. Especially if you’re tired of the same-old same-old.

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What the hell is “Karaoke Unplugged”?

Karaoke Unplugged, Volume 1

Karaoke Unplugged, Volume 1, from DigiTrax Karaoke

So maybe you’ve seen one of these out there in karaoke-land, and wondered just what the hell is going on with this set of classic songs that have been re-cut with all-new instrumentation and  vocals.

Some of us who sing karaoke (okay, all of us) get tired of hearing the same songs with the same arrangements over and over again. You know the songs I mean – the ones that are done every karaoke night at least three times (I’m looking at you, Picture).

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