Sing-N-Share: Party on…anywhere!


In association with the tech-geniuses at Deansoft Ltd., DigiTrax Entertainment LLC (DTE) is preparing to roll out its newest and arguably most innovative product to date: Sing-N-Share.

Take the party anywhere! This mobile karaoke app allows users unrestricted access to DigiTrax’s full catalog of over 12,000 hit songs (with ten new titles being added every week) and can be accessed anywhere at anytime. All tracks are organized by genre and are searchable by either title or artist. Better yet, the app is completely ad supported through LiveRail. This means that customers’ unprecedented access to these titles and all of the app’s features is 100% cost free. Though MTV Media research has indicated that members of the Millennial Generation are extremely receptive to specifically-targeted pre-roll advertising, those users who prefer instant access to the app’s content can eliminate all ads through the purchase of a reasonably-priced premium version.

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Sing-N-Share combines the best of interactive music with convenience of social media. Users have the option of recording their karaoke performances, either solo or with friends, saving it to the cloud or their mobile device, and then uploading it directly to Facebook or Twitter. This allows users to share the fun with friends and family all around the world.

Peripheral devices are also supported by the Sing-N-Share app. It powers both the Sing-N-Share Pro Portable Mic and the soon-to-be-released Sing-N-Jam mixer for iOS and Android. Both of these mobile accessories are developed by Acesonic USA.


All of these features will be available to users on the app’s pending release with many more innovations already in the works for future updates. DigiTrax will be releasing the Sing-N-Share app in the coming weeks.

What Is “Sing-N-Jam?”



It’s plain that DigiTrax Entertainment LLC (DTE), the industry leaders behind such services as Karaoke Cloud and KaraokeOnVEVO, have made it their mission to ensure that the fun of karaoke is both affordable and easily accessible to the masses. With an incomparable catalog of over 12,000 songs available on both Karaoke Cloud and the soon to be released mobile app “Sing-N-Share,” DTE has made it possible to take the party virtually anywhere. Now they are placing their considerable technological know-how behind Acesonic USA’s newest product, “Sing-N-Jam,” soon to be the hottest item in interactive music.


Just looking at the packaging it’s apparent that there’s something different about this karaoke peripheral. A microphone that will connect to any mobile device with a headphone jack is impressive enough, but what’s the deal with the guitar? Will we be able to play as well as sing along with any of the songs in DTE’s expansive library? Is a guitar the only instrument we’ll be able to connect? What’s “Play-A-Tab” and how does it relate to this product?

Yeah…lot’s of questions left to be answered! Thankfully, DigiTrax has promised that all of these questions and more will be answered in the coming weeks as the roll-out for this amazing product draws ever nearer.