PCDJ’s new player could shake up the karaoke world

KC PlayerThere’s this new thing out from the makers of PCDJ, and it’s probably going to ruffle some feathers, at least at first.

Called Karaoke Cloud Player, it includes a bunch of bells and whistles that you normally wouldn’t find on software aimed squarely at the home user. By that I mean pitch-change controls, singer rotations, and a bunch of other stuff that is typically reserved for professional show-hosting software.

Another thing that’s different about it is the instant access to the entire Karaoke Cloud catalog. That’s about 12,000 legally-licensed karaoke songs all at once – instant library, just add internet connection, even makes its own gravy.

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Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012- “SEE – The Path to the Future: Solutions, Education, Enforcement” by Kurt Slep

Soundchoice’s Slep equates the karaoke industry and its battle with piracy to the metaphor of a broken stool-he begins, “think of a three-legged stool, we’re off the ground but not comfortable and can’t see the top of the table. A three-legged stool can go two ways: down or up. We want to grow it up”

Soundchoice has always been interested in anti-piracy, but were not always able to engage the power players before. The karaoke industry needs a new leg to stand on, because one has been dulled by piracy of Karaoke tracks. So they offered this model to “see” how to combat the issue:

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Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012-“A Change is Gonna Come” by Bernardo Melo

The Singing Machine is a company that specializes in karaoke hardware. Because of this, they have been affected by the karaoke industry roller coaster. Bernardo Melo recalls 2006 as a particularly rough time for the industry, and having to combat the different hardships that followed: retailers expecting lower prices for karaoke hardware, the perception that karaoke is a “seasonal business,” and the pirating of karaoke tracks. Melo doesn’t blame the users, however, he puts it on the industry players to adapt to the industry. “Karaoke has a unique demographic-from two until you die, people can sing.” He suggests that the karaoke industry players have to react quickly, and  could even us pirating as a marketing tool by adapting to the user.