The Gold Standard: Budding star Madison Gold lays down new tracks at SoKnox Studios

Madison Gold loving life (photo:

Madison Gold loving life (photo:

You just know true talent when you hear it and Madison Gold has it in abundance.

The Redondo Beach, CA native visited our SoKnox Studios yesterday (5/13) and laid down two brand new tracks for a yet-to-be-determined new release. Her upcoming self-titled debut album is due to drop on June 28.

With her angelic voice (no need for Auto-tune here!), carefree spirit, and undeniable beauty, Madison is in possession of that elusive “it factor” so sought after in the music industry. We are thrilled to play even just a tiny part in the young career of this up-and-coming star.

We here at Karaoke Cloud wish you the greatest success, Madison! We have no doubt that you have what it takes to take the music world by storm!

You can follow Madison on her Facebook page to keep abreast of all her appearances, performances, and new releases.