Shanghaied In Shanghai! Chinese police bust karaoke criminals

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

Excitement, adventure, and the overall desire to experience “something different” are common traits associated with tourists who find their way into the big city. Unfortunately, they are also perfect avenues for criminals to exploit no matter what city you’re in.

According to an article on, fifteen members of a karaoke-based crime gang have been arrested by Shanghai police for luring tourists into “karaoke honey traps.” This musical maffia has allegedly been enticing “witless foreigners” into underground karaoke dens and then extorting them for thousands of pounds for the services provided… whatever those may be.

The Shanghai Daily newspaper reported that unsuspecting tourists were lead into these hidden bars where they were promised an evening in the presence of beautiful women while singing their favorite karaoke tunes. The experience apparently came at a high and unsuspected price, however, as patrons would be approached by “large men” and coerced into paying thousands of pounds before being allowed to leave.

Police eventually rounded up the gang after one lucky gentleman managed to escape from a car in which gang members were holding him and “ran to a nearby police car,” where he told his tale of karaoke kidnapping.

If you plan to travel to Shanghai anytime in the near future, keep your wits about you. The cops may have put an end to one of these groups, but who knows how many other crooner cronies are out there?

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Karaoke Kombat! China’s military using karaoke to boost combat effectiveness

Official PLA propaganda depicting uniformed soldiers singing karaoke in colorful, brightly light night club (Photo: courtesy of

Official PLA propaganda depicting uniformed soldiers singing karaoke in a colorful, brightly-lit night club (Photo: courtesy of

Ask any soldier from any military background and they will likely tell you that combat effectiveness is not based solely on brutal training and strict militaristic protocol. Morale plays a major part in preparing the human psyche for violent confrontation. China has taken this axiom to heart and is now incorporating karaoke as a regular part of its training program for members of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

According to an article on Bloomberg’s, the Chinese government is making improvements in “grass-roots army culture equipment” in order to “meet the spiritual and cultural needs of officers and soldiers.” Officials are planning to double expenditures on equipment such as boomboxes, electronic musical instruments, and karaoke machines.

According to the PLA Daily, activities such as karaoke will “boost combat competitiveness of troops,” and “promote a strong army able to achieve significant goals.” The new expenditures are part of a 12.2% overall increase in China’s military budget, placing it at 808.2 billion yuan ($130 billion). Of course, that’s just a drop in the hat compared to the US military budget which has reached an astounding $756.4 billion for fiscal year 2015! Wow! I wonder how many karaoke machines that would buy.

China Communist Party members caught enjoying – gasp! – karaoke

China Karaoke

Photo courtesy Telegraph UK/

The Telegraph in the UK is reporting that Chinese citizens are appalled to discover their own Communist Party officials have been letting down their hair after 8 pm to have a bit of alcohol and – the horrah – sing a karaoke tune or two.

The Telegraph reports these comments from the People:

 “Wow, a KTV inside a party school,” sniggered one user of the Weibo microblog. “Why not open a foot massage place [too]?’  “Officials can play while they study,” wrote another. “How convenient!”

Now, we here at Karaoke Cloud always advocate taking care of family and business before fun. We encourage safe and harmless ways of controlling stress, of which karaoke ranks near the top. China’s great philosophers understood one must strike a balance between work and play.

So we have some advice for those party officials – open up the karaoke studio to everyone in the community to share in the fun when all the work’s done. You might find it helps bring you closer together to achieve your goals.