Diamond Rings & Old Barstools: A Family Affair

bar stool - croppedTim McGraw recently came out with his fourth consecutive single, titled “Diamond Rings & Old Barstools”. The song features a duet with small town singer/songwriter Catherine Dunn. Many believe that this is the best releases in a number of years, enjoying the creative, modern new hit. McGraw and Dunn’s voices harmonize and play extremely well off of one another– which could be because they are actually cousins!

The song is simple in structure, letting Dunn’s voice ring out crystal-clear. Using diamond rings and old barstools as metaphors for the opposing lifestyles of traveling musicians (or just drunks) and married life, it mourns a relationship the narrator knew would never last, but was willing so hard for it to.

When listening to country music, I always enjoy a creative duet. I believe that the opposing sounds bring out the beauty in them, and think that this song does a great job in doing so.The song is already rising in the charts, and it could eventually be a top hit!

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Will ‘Move On’ help Dunn move up?

Clare Dunn released her first major-label single ‘Move On’ last week, and is hoping that her influence on the completion of the song will make it a hit. Dunn calls the song a page out of her life. “Move On was just something I was going through. I was friends with his guy. I’m very shy when it comes to guys, a lot of the time. The way you’ll know if I really like someone is if I get shy. I was struggling with that, and he was kind of shy, too.” The video premiered at USA TODAY, and Dunn wowed fans and listeners alike with her music that has been governed by her Colorado roots.


Above: Clare Dunn poses for her debut album cover.

These lines in the chorus summed up the song best:

You’re on the sidelines wasting time when you could be winning with me
All them days are over, all them red lights are green
So move on, move on, move on
Make your move on me

In its first week out, Move On was the second most-added song at country radio, barely behind the new one from Miranda Lambert, Smokin’ and Drinkin’. “It’s already looking like a hit on The Highway,” says SiriusXM’s director of country programming, John Marks. “Hopefully, terrestrial radio will give this song and artist a chance. If so, more country music fans will be able to see for themselves why she deserves a prominent place in country music.”

Dunn stands out as a new artist, as she has been involved in every aspect of her new single’s debut. She has dreamed of becoming a singer since a young age, and got the chance to hit the big stage while singing backup in Luke Bryan’s 2011 hit Country Girl.

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Garth Brooks Returns and Brings “Real” Country Back With Him

Garth Brooks' comeback in the works includes a new album to be released in November, 2014 (Photo: courtesy of wynnlasvegas.com)

Garth Brooks’ highly anticipated comeback includes a new album due for release in November, 2014 (Photo: courtesy of wynnlasvegas.com)

AC/DC’s Brian Johnson isn’t the only one making headlines with announcements of fresh new tunes. Rollingstone is reporting that country music superstar and double-Grammy Award winner Garth Brooks is ready to make his long-awaited comeback, including a brand new album and a world tour.

The laid-back ’90s icon made the energetic announcement at a lengthy press conference Thursday morning (7/10) in Nashville. Though specific details of his return were kept purposely vague, Brooks did offer a glimpse or two into his current mindset and the direction in which he plans to take this new journey. And what is that direction? One purposefully opposite from today’s “bro country” and “hick hop.”

While he did offer some praise for contemporary country music, Brooks made it clear that he has no plans to copy the pop-like feel that many of today’s biggest stars have attempted to generate. Instead, all indication are that his new album will pick right back up where he left off. “If you had to put it in a box for me, [it’d be] ‘Garth Music,'” he told reporters in an effort to describe his new work. He then punctuated his point by stating, “You’re damn straight we’ll do cowboy songs on this album.”

Garth apparently isn’t going to be satisfied, however, with simply giving fans more of the same old, same old. Based on statements made at the press conference, he plans to outdo himself, both in the studio and in his live performances. Brooks teased that at least one new song he’s working on may surpass one of his biggest hits. “This [album] holds a song on it that might take the place of ‘The Dance’ for me.” He went on to say that he also plans to wow audiences who attend the concerts. “For those who show up,” he said, “I hope we give you a show that makes you forget the ones that were in the Nineties.”

That’s a hell of a standard to live up to. In the 1990s, Brooks was famous for putting on raucous shows, always giving fans more than their money’s worth. Here’s hoping that this comeback is everything that Garth Brooks fans have been hoping for… and that he leaves Chris Gaines at home.

Medal Of Honor Recipient Uses Karaoke For Stress Relief

MoH recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter (photo: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures for USA Today)

MoH recipient Staff Sgt. Ty Carter (photo: Scott Eklund/Red Box Pictures for USA Today)

On the morning of October 3, 2009, a small contingent of US soldiers was attacked by an overwhelming force of approximately 300-400 enemy insurgents at Combat Outpost Keating in eastern Afghanistan. Staff Sgt. Ty Carter braved enemy fire in a heroic effort to resupply his fellow soldiers and help carry the severely wounded to safety. On that day, Staff Sgt. Carter proved what it means to be a real American hero and there is no question as to whether he was deserving of being presented with the Medal of Honor.

Since that time, Carter has dedicated himself to traveling around the country and educating both military personnel and the general public on the seriousness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It’s a serious and important business, but Carter takes it all in stride and falls back on an old favorite pastime to help him relax; karaoke.

“Everywhere I go, if I’ve got free time, I ask the people there if there’s a karaoke bar in town,” he told Michelle Tan of  the Army Times. “That’s usually where I end up.” He credits karaoke as not only a stress-reliever, but states that getting up in front of strangers and singing also helped him hone his public speaking skills.

Carter is a huge country music fan and often finds himself singing tracks from one of his all-time favorites, Brad Paisley. Though PTSD is no laughing matter, Carter finds that traveling the country does have its lighter moments, and one of those moments was the opportunity to meet Mr. Paisley at a rodeo in Houston, Texas.

“When I met Brad Paisley, I told him, ‘I sing all of your songs,’ ” Carter stated. When asked, he named “I’m Gonna Miss Her,” “I’m Still A Guy,” and “Mud On The Tires” as his favorite songs. 

Carter spends the vast majority of his time on the road in his noble crusade. PTSD is a very serious issue and it affects millions of Americans every year. We here at Karaoke Cloud fully support SSgt. Carter in his mission. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and every member of our armed services.

You can learn more about the realities of PTSD here.

Ronnie Milsap Tops List of 2014 Country Music Hall of Fame Inductees

Gold and platinum albums of country's greatest legends at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville (photo: lifesbigandsmalladventures.com)

Gold and platinum albums of country’s greatest legends at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville (photo: lifesbigandsmalladventures.com)

On April 10th the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted its newest members. Icons such as Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates, and Kiss (full list here) were immortalized and guaranteed “legendary” status. Not to be outdone, the world of country music celebrated their own legends earlier this week by inducting Ronnie Milsap, Hank Cochran, and Mac Wiseman into the Country Music Hall of Fame.


2014 CMA Hall of Fame Inductees [left to right]: Hank Cochran, Ronnie Milsap, Mac Wiseman (photo: countryweekly.com)

2014 CMA Hall of Fame Inductees [left to right]: Hank Cochran, Ronnie Milsap, Mac Wiseman (photo: countryweekly.com)

The ceremony was held Tuesday morning (4/22) on the Rotunda at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. The late Hank Cochran, “The Legend,” was inducted in the songwriter’s category by one of last year’s inductees, Bobby Bare. “This guy was a great songwriter,” Bare stated. “He could break your heart with a set of lyrics.”

Mac Wiseman was the second inductee of the the morning. The legendary bluegrass singer and a 70-year veteran of the music industry stated how honored he was to be inducted in the same year as his friend, Hank Cochran. “I hope I will prove worthy of the honor,” he stated. “I can’t say how pleased I am [to be inducted] in the same year as Hank Cochran.” Wiseman accepted the nomination from a wheelchair due to post-Polio Syndrome, but claimed to be in good health and definitely appeared to be in good spirits.


Last, but certainly not least, was the six-time Grammy Award winner Ronnie Milsap. Blind from birth, Milsap refused to let his disability stand in his way. He took the country music world by storm in the 1970’s and 80’s and garnered forty #1 hits, placing him third all-time to George Strait and Conway Twitty.

“I’ve wanted to be in the Country Music Hall of Fame for as long as I can remember,” he said Tuesday morning. “I did not get to Nashville until I was 30. I’ve often thought if I got here earlier things would have turned out different. You just never know.”

The world of country music is all the richer thanks to these three legends and their induction into the Hall of Fame is the least the industry could do to show such well deserved appreciation. Congratulations, gentlemen!

ACM Awards Royalty: George Strait and Miranda Lambert

ACM Awards, 49th Academy of Country Music Awards, George Strait, Miranda Lambert, country music

Photo courtesy of http://www.ktvu.com

Country fans everywhere tuned in to the 49th Academy of Country Music Awards. It was a night full of accolades and performances, hosted by country artists Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. Two stars shined extremely bright at the MGM Grand Garden Arena: George Strait and Miranda Lambert.

King of Country George Strait was crowned Entertainer of the Year for the second time in his career. He received standing ovations for his win and his performance of his hit song “I Got a Car.” Miranda Lambert was the big winner of the night. She took home the award for Female Vocalist of the Year for the fifth time in a row. She now holds the record for most consecutive wins in that category surpassing Reba McEntire. “Mama’s Broken Heart” won her Single Record of the Year. She also shared the win for Vocal Event of the Year with Keith Urban who also won three awards, including Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift.

Aside from their individual glory the two took the stage for a tribute performance to Merle Haggard who was honored with the Crystal Milestone Award. Merle celebrated his 77th birthday yesterday. Presenter Garth Brooks encouraged the audience to sing “Happy Birthday” as he went up to receive his award.

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L.A. Goes Country: New art exhibit honors country music icons


When you think about Los Angeles, what images usually come to mind? Movie stars? Liberal politics? Rap music? If you were to take a poll my guess would be that country music wouldn’t exactly top the list. “Country: Portraits of an American Sound,” a new photo exhibit at the Annenberg Space for Photography may take strides in changing that.

Running from May 31 through September 28, the new exhibit will feature photographs of the most iconic country music performers of all time taken by various photographers, pro and amateur alike.

“Country: Portraits of an American Sound” will be curated by Shannon Perich of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, along with Tim Davis and Michael McCall of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. The exhibit promises to showcase legends such as Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Merle Haggard.

Also featured will be more contemporary artists such as Taylor Swift and Keith Urban, along with displays of country music albums, posters, instruments, and stage costumes provided by the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. There will also be screenings of a full-length documentary exploring the evolution of country music over the last 80 years.

L.A. may not be the hub of country music, but from May 31 to September 28, it will definitely be a mecca. For those who live seemingly a world away, fear not! The exhibit is expected to tour the country following its stint in Los Angeles.

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Flawless CMA Performance: A perfect tribute to George Jones



On April 26th of this year country music legend George Jones passed away at the age of 81, leaving behind a stunning legacy of over 150 hit songs and a career which spanned five decades. In honor of this unparalleled icon, viewers and attendees of last night’s 47th annual CMA awards were treated to a flawless and emotionally charged performance of one of George’s most beloved songs, He Stopped Loving Her Today.

Performed by two of today’s greatest and most cherished country music artists, Alan Jackson and George Strait, the stirring rendition captivated audiences and fans have been taking to the blogosphere to remember Mr. Jones and praise Jackson and Strait for their classy and memorable tribute.

If you wish to pay your own tribute to the legend you can do so right here.

While you’re at it you might also wish to thank Alan Jackson…

and the 2013 CMA Entertainer of the Year award winner George Strait.

Even with the passing of “the Possum,” it’s evident that the country music genre is in good hands thanks to artists like these.