Katy Perry’s hilarious Halloween costume

Halloween is usually a time for celebrities to show off their creativity and, usually for women, sexuality. Katy Perry’s Halloween costume, a flaming hot Cheeto, pokes fun at the pun of being creative and also “hot”. She definitely got everybody’s attention this year and stole the show for celebrity Halloween costumes! We think it is definitely the most creative and comical costume we’ve seen…

Katy Perry

Katy Perry dressed as a “flaming hot” Cheeto for Halloween 2014

Katy Perry, known for her outrageously unique costumes on and off the stage, gave everybody just what they wanted this Halloween- a giggle! Just because Halloween is over does not mean listening to some Halloween classics is unacceptable….. and If this costume doesn’t make you want to sing along to Rick James’s “Super Freak”, we don’t know what will!

Sing-N-Share Is Coming To Town: Just in time for Christmas carol-oke!


For weeks now DigiTrax Entertainment LLC (DTE) has been teasing the release of its newest and most innovative mobile appSing-N-Share. In collaboration with one of the world’s premier software firms, Deansoft, DTE is closing in quickly on a release date and is anxious to share this new interactive masterpiece with the public.

“Sing-N-Share is a perfect tool for bringing friends and family together,” stated Cathy Vangieri, Project Manager for DigiTrax Entertainment. “Not only is it a great way to spend time with those closest to you,” she continued, “but it also allows the user to share the fun with loved ones, near and far, through social media. Music is such an integral part of the Christmas season, perhaps more so than any other holiday. That’s why we’re pushing so hard for a pre-Christmas release.”

SNS Screen Shot 1 new_angle1 2

With Christmas only weeks away final touches on the app are being put into place even as this article is being written. David Grimes, Marketing and Public Relations Manager for DTE, stated today that “The beta app is absolutely amazing and performs beautifully. We’re very excited for consumers to have the chance to finally get their hands on the app and start enjoying the Facebook and Twitter integration.”

Sing-N-Share, as stated earlier, is projected for a pre-Christmas release and will be available on both iOS and Android powered devices. This means that music and karaoke enthusiasts world-wide won’t have to wait much longer before they can share in the fun for themselves.

KaraokeOnVEVO Surpasses Quarter-Million Mark in 6 Months!



In October of last year (2012) DigiTrax Entertainment tentatively launched its YouTube channel KaraokeOnVEVO. Though the site was then “officially” up, the interactive media powerhouse didn’t begin adding content until May, 2013. Since that time KaraokeOnVEVO (KOV) has surged to over 225k subscribers and more than 65 million views, a feat almost unheard of without significant marketing or advertising.

“KaraokeOnVEVO was initially a test product, an ‘alpha release,’ if you will,” stated David Grimes, marketing and public relations manager for DigiTrax Entertainment. “And, to a great extent, it still is! After the initial set-up we spent the next six months or so testing out the technology and working on the back-end with special licensing details, which are never simple.” Now that KOV includes over 5,500 hit songs form the Karaoke Cloud catalog, with 30-40 new songs being added every month, “It’s beginning to snowball,” continued Mr. Grimes. “We’ve spent practically no money promoting this product and we’ve earned over a quarter of a million subscribers and 65 million views by word-of-mouth alone.”


A “test” product with 225k subscribers?! Holy $#@&! Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know what KaraokeOnVEVO is all about: good times! 5,500 songs available anywhere and anytime you have access to YouTube? Sure doesn’t seem like a “test” program to me, but when you consider the fact that Karaoke Cloud includes more than twice that many songs it’s hard to imagine how much the KaraokeOnVEVO channel will grow as DigiTrax continues to develop and add to it.

“Play a Tab” And Peavey: Avengers Assembled!

Capt. America Guitar


DigiTrax Entertainment LLC, the industry leaders in digital interactive music, are preparing to roll out their newest innovative product, Play a Tab. This easy-to-use interactive guitar learning system is perfect for beginners of all ages who harbor aspirations of becoming the next rock legend. Peavey has already reached said status in the music industry as one of the world’s premier creators of acoustic/electric guitars and studio equipment. It only makes sense that these two giants would eventually join forces and they are doing so alongside “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” as Play a Tab will be packaged with Peavey’s new line of Marvel-licensed guitars.

It’s almost impossible to find a hotter product than Marvel right now. “The Avengers” set box office records by bringing in $400 million in 14 days according to deadline.com. It’s also the highest grossing Disney release ever and the #6 highest grossing film domestically of all time. I mean, how do you top that? Maybe by putting all of your top characters’ faces on some of the finest made guitars in the world.


These guitars are absolutely beautiful and a must-have for any Marvel fan worth his/her salt. Now here’s the kicker. Rather than buying one (or 10) of these amazing instruments and just slapping it on a wall somewhere to collect dust, you can actually learn how to play the thing thanks to the ingenious Play a Tab system pre-packaged with your guitar! Who knows? Like Thor, maybe one day you will be a legend in the pantheon of rock gods.

Peavey’s line of 3/4 and full size Marvel guitars are available now with the Play a Tab-inclusive versions due for release in the very near future. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for more amazing officially licensed products from Peavey such as “The Walking Dead,” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!”

Sing-N-Share: Party on…anywhere!


In association with the tech-geniuses at Deansoft Ltd., DigiTrax Entertainment LLC (DTE) is preparing to roll out its newest and arguably most innovative product to date: Sing-N-Share.

Take the party anywhere! This mobile karaoke app allows users unrestricted access to DigiTrax’s full catalog of over 12,000 hit songs (with ten new titles being added every week) and can be accessed anywhere at anytime. All tracks are organized by genre and are searchable by either title or artist. Better yet, the app is completely ad supported through LiveRail. This means that customers’ unprecedented access to these titles and all of the app’s features is 100% cost free. Though MTV Media research has indicated that members of the Millennial Generation are extremely receptive to specifically-targeted pre-roll advertising, those users who prefer instant access to the app’s content can eliminate all ads through the purchase of a reasonably-priced premium version.

Disco 1

Sing-N-Share combines the best of interactive music with convenience of social media. Users have the option of recording their karaoke performances, either solo or with friends, saving it to the cloud or their mobile device, and then uploading it directly to Facebook or Twitter. This allows users to share the fun with friends and family all around the world.

Peripheral devices are also supported by the Sing-N-Share app. It powers both the Sing-N-Share Pro Portable Mic and the soon-to-be-released Sing-N-Jam mixer for iOS and Android. Both of these mobile accessories are developed by Acesonic USA.


All of these features will be available to users on the app’s pending release with many more innovations already in the works for future updates. DigiTrax will be releasing the Sing-N-Share app in the coming weeks.

Digitrax CEO Hyped to Hit the Streets of Vegas at Mobile Beat!


DJs from around the world are preparing to converge on Las Vegas to heat up the February nights at Mobile Beat’s annual DJ show. Whether you’re a DJ or KJ, this is going to be the event of the year as industry leaders and top representatives flash their wares and raise the bar for the entire industry.

Digitrax Entertainment LLC, providers of top karaoke products and services such as Karaoke Cloud, Karaoke On VEVO, and the upcoming Play-A-Tab, will be making a strong appearance at this this year’s show as visionary and company CEO Joe Vangieri is set to share his experience and vast knowledge of the industry. Mr. Vangieri will be leading seminars and workshops throughout the venue which takes place February 3-6 at the Riviera Casino and Hotel.

So where would you rather be in February?