Seven Spooky Songs to Liven Up Your Karaoke Halloween!


For many of us there is no other day of the year that screams “party!” more than Halloween. I mean, come on; cool night air, scary costumes, and enough junk food to make Honey Boo Boo blush. What a night!

That being said, there’s nothing that goes hand-in-hand better with a group of decked-out crazies than belting out your favorite songs karaoke stye! So in the spirit of tricks and treats we present to you seven karaoke songs sure to be the life of the party…so to speak.

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What to sing (and what NOT) at karaoke night


You’re staring down at a huge three-ring binder. Page after laminated page is stuffed with two-column type, blurry with song titles, alphabetically taunting you. Or worse, your friendly karaoke jockey says “you can pick anything to sing – we have it all.” You’re paralyzed by too many choices.

Sometimes the most daunting challenge to a casual karaoke singer can be choosing the right song. You don’t want to go down in history (or Facebook) as the one that killed the party. You want to have fun and get the crowd to have fun with you. Here are some tips from a veteran karaoke singer.

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