Karaoke Christmas Bundle Spotlight: “We Three Kings”

We Three Kings

With only eight days left before Christmas, Karaoke Cloud invites you to join us as we continue our series on some of the most beloved Christmas songs and carols of all time. Today’s choice; “We Three Kings.”

Originating sometime in the mid to late-1850’s (1857 being the most agreed-upon year), We Three Kings was written and composed by Reverend John Henry Hopkins Jr., a deacon in the Episcopal Church who was later ordained as a priest in 1872. The hymn was first featured in a holiday pageant organized by Reverend Hopkins in 1857, however, it did not appear in print until 1863 when it was included in Hopkins’ Carols, Hymns and Songs.

Known alternately by the titles “We Three Kings of Orient Are,” or “The Quest of the Magi,” the song tells the tale of three “wise men” who travel from a distant land in order to find and pay homage to the Christ Child shortly after his birth. Though the actual details of the journey itself are widely disputed (see here for an interesting, more esoteric twist on the traditional story), the tale itself has become a major part of Christmas tradition and is celebrated by believers world-wide.

We hope you enjoy singing this classic tune. Remember that you can download this and many other Christmas carols and hymns at karokecloud.com. You can also sing, record, and share your own renditions of all these songs with our free Sing-N-Share app for all Android and Apple devices.

We hope to see you all back with us again next time for more background on some of your favorite Christmas music and a bit of Christmas cheer! See you soon.