Biceps, Triceps… Ear Drums? Combating hearing loss with exercise.

Exercise leads to better hearing

Exercise leads to better hearing

By now we all know the physical benefits of exercise; weight loss, increased energy, physical strength, stamina, heart health, etc. We also know that exercise elevates our mood and makes us feel good, although it doesn’t always seem that way while we’re doing it. But did you know that regular exercise can decrease the likelihood of hearing loss?

According to Dr. Kathy Landau Goodman, audiologist and chairperson of the Audiology Awareness Campaign, exercise and proper nutrition are important in maintaining good hearing. In an article published by the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Dr. Landau Goodman stated, “Just as a healthy body is fostered through proper nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest and good hygienic practices, so is the ability to hear well.”

Some of the healthy practices that can help reduce the risk of hearing loss include maintaining a healthy weight, 20-30 minutes of sustained aerobic exercise five days per week, eating five servings of fruits/vegetables per day, eliminating smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke, and reducing the loudness of music and other noise (obvious).

Another way to combat hearing loss is learning to play a musical instrument. According to the same article, “…people who regularly play musical instruments maintain their ability to better process and understand the sounds they hear in daily communication.”

Hearing loss is a major concern to music lovers and musicians. Whether you like to sing karaoke, play guitar, or just sit in a comfortable chair and listen to your favorite album, your quality of hearing can greatly affect your performance and/or level of enjoyment. So take care of yourself. Be good to your body and your body, including your ears, will be good to you.

Karaoke Puts a New Spin On Fitness


What if you could workout and sing karaoke at the same time?! Crazy, right? Well, yes, but it is a real thing. Karaoke spinning classes are popping up all around the country and people are loving it!

Do you find it difficult getting motivated enough to go to the gym? Having trouble finding an exercise routine that actually makes you want to get up and go? Many of us face the same situation; we want to get in shape but find the monotony of jogging, biking, or lifting weights… well, monotonous. These karaoke spinning classes could be just what the doctor ordered.

According to class instructors and participants alike, the singing adds an element to the workout that not only keeps you entertained, but increases your cardio level at the same time. Almost any fitness expert you talk to will tell you that the key to getting and staying in shape is finding an activity you love to do. After all, if you don’t like it you’re not going to do it. If you’re a karaoke fan or even just a music fan (and I’m guessing you are given the nature of the blog you’re reading) this could be the perfect fit for you.

Now, while it would certainly be a riot to join one of these classes and make a fool of yourself along with 20 or so other people, if you’re a bit more of an introvert this is something you could even do at home. An exercise bike can be a relatively inexpensive investment compared to gym memberships and class fees. All you need is a stationary bike and your smartphone or tablet with the free Sing-N-Share app and, voilà! Instant karaoke spinning class in the privacy of your own home!


Motivated yet? 🙂 No more excuses, guys. Get peddling, get singing, and get active!



Post-Turkey Day Thankfulness: The gym!


We’ve been here before. Actually, we wind up here every year. Thanksgiving has come and gone, we ate way too much, and then did it again the next day as we ransacked the fridge for those better-than-fresh left-overs! But now the holiday weekend is over and it’s time to get back to the real world and that includes taking our happy butts to the gym. After all, the next food-induced free-for-all weekend is fast approaching!

It’s hard to get motivated after a weekend of big eats and sweet treats, so let Karaoke Cloud help with a few inspirational tunes to get you up and moving.

We Will Rock You: Queen – This classic can be found blaring over the loud-speakers at any sporting event word-wide and there’s good reason. The driving beat and canned group participation practically screams, “Hey! Get up and get moving!”

Good Feeling: Flo Rida – Even if you’re not a rap fan you can’t deny the good vibe created by this song. Fast paced and packed full of inspirational lyrics, Flo Rida will have you feeling damn good while you’re pounding the pavement or doing work on the elliptical.

Back In Black: AC/DC – Back to the classics with Back In Black, arguably AC/DC’s most popular song (thanks in no small part to Iron Man 2). It’s hard to find a more perfect jam for hitting the weights after a little too much time off. Ironically, It could also be looked at as a recovery anthem for your bank account following Black Friday.

We wish you all the best of luck in getting back into your fitness routine. Whatever your personal taste in music genre and style, Karaoke Cloud and KaraokeOnVEVO have got you covered. Find something that motivates and inspires you then get out there and take care of yourself! The gym beckons and I couldn’t be more thankful.